Saturday, January 5, 2008

Late Boring NYR

Haven’t been updating for ages. Now, Happy Belated New Year (got such thing1?) to everybody! Meanwhile I’ve prepared a list of my new year resolutions. Okay, it’s kinda late. I mean, I was supposed to post this up on 1st January! But still. . okay c’mon!

1. No more stumbling in my spiritual life.
2. To be nice to everybody including my enemies (including you spammer).
3. Stop being mean and bitch-mouthed.
4. Refrain myself from staying whole day infronta the screen.
5. Quit being a blogaholic (but still maintain the traffic?)
6. No more chatting while studying.
7. Hand in my assignments including the ungraded ones in time instead of cheating the lecturer.
8. Always tell my babes that I miss them.
9. Buy presents for my siblings (I know you’re jealous! XD)
10. Remain single for the rest of the year.

Heh, so that’s it? But that’s all I could think of so far. I think it’s a boring list X( Gawd, since when I’ve become a boring person??? This isn’t gonna work!

Would you like to add on for me?

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