Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Need To Shave

I’m leaving to KL tomorrow for shopping spree! Nope, I’m not gonna tell you where exactly I’m going, in case somebody has the intention of stalking me. But tell you what, I’ll be there till Saturday and then heads down to Malacca for Joelyn’s birthday party! How cool could that be! Looking forward to attend her party! And meanwhile gotta prepare her a really nice pressie! Miss you girls so much! Gonna drop by and pay a visit <3

I haven’t even started packing!

Sheesh, what should I wear? I’m so lack of nice clothes nowadays. I have absolutely no idea what clothes to bring to KL!

I need a new pair of jeans but those jeans out there just couldn’t fit me! Thanks to my gigantic butt which never cease to grow day by day. Wouldn’t it stop growing and give some chance for the upper mate??? It’s so unfair you see. And it makes my body uneven. Hmph!

Packing isn’t really the most important thing. But it wasn’t until an hour ago that I discovered I haven’t done something important which I really need to before heading to KL. . . . .

Hmm. . .

I NEED TO SHAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garn, how could I ever go to KL without shaving??? I’m meeting important people you know! Ugh, alright. Maybe not so important. Just, ordinary folks. But still, presenting your hairy self isn’t a very brilliant idea. And by shaving, I don’t mean shaving my pubic hair! Jeez, who cares if I don’t shave there? As if I’m gonna run around naked! My pubic hair is fine. It needn’t to be shaved. It grows really. . . Ok fine! This is getting GROSS. Stop it before someone pukes and dirty my blog.

Any hair that grows on your body part aside from your scalp is considered unsexy!

For women I mean. For guys, it's the opposite XD

So, despite that I had already taken my shower, I had to rip off my ugly unattractive at-home-clothes and steps back into the bathroom again. I haven’t been shaving for months so you can imagine how hairy I am (I was). I can’t imagine if any girl would live without shaving her limbs! It’s a total shame. No. No way. Not accepted. Totally wrong wrong wrong! Cik, shave your legs at least lah. Please don’t ever come and send me a comment saying that I’m the only one who need to shave since I’m born pathetically hairy like a female Yeti (as claimed by Alcheebin). Oh ya, realized I’ve set it to moderation? In order to ban off the nasty comments which I don’t think should be appropriate to be shown to the public. So from now on I’m just gonna read your entertaining comments, have a good laugh at it and click my mouse and delete them off. Aww, don’t worry, good comments would definitely be accepted and published at once XD

Introducing Veet!

I used to remove the hair with mousse but now I’ve switched to the cream. It’s really good I tell you! Each time after you shave, you feel totally light and hairless! Your legs are no longer covered by one extra coat, and you could really feel the wind! You feel so weightless that you could float! You feel as though you’re flying. You’ve got rid of your shameful hair! You’re now a lady. Your limbs are clean and smooth. They’re so smooth that even ants would slip and fall. They can even reflect light! Now, you don’t need a mirror. Just look at your legs! Aww, it’s so irresistible. They make your guys go. . .

Fine. I’m not promoting for veet!

Because I have better things to do. And that shall be, manicure & pedicure!

My nails are so frigging long that I had to start cutting them. Look, the yellow toe nails due to the effect of lousy nail polish. And of course, my bad for not applying base coat. Disgusting picture. I dunno why I would ever post it up =.=”

When it comes to buying nail polish, you either buy the cheapest lousy quality one or the most expensive that high class people purchase. As for me. . what do you think? You think I would fork out RM60 just to get a bottle of Anna Sui nail polish??? Neh! I could buy 30bottles of the nail polish with that amount of money k! Or 12bottles of Elianto nail polish. Which, I don’t think is very good as it chips off quite easily. Just make sure you apply your protection coat every night before you sleep. Maybe that would do.

My fingernails are yellow!

It's the colour of my nail polish k. Nah, they aren’t so nice. I wanna get a new shade of yellow. This one is shiny and I don’t like it.

My toe nails are blue!

CK is gonna tell me again, “That’s an ugly pair of feet!”

Ugh, indeed. The nail polish looks fugly too. The nail surface isn’t uneven. I have no idea how to amend this. Oh, the reddish part on my right toe isn’t swelling. It’s just. . . the red polish which I tried to paint earlier on. The stain! LOL. Didn’t clean off properly. What a fashion sin XD

Please tell me that I did not put my feet on top of my laptop!

And yep, that is ks cb you see on the screen. Cool. I was chatting while painting.

It’s been ages since I last provide you with such a long bimbo entry huh? Well, I was lazy, and haven’t been in the right mood to blog. And of course, I was lack of inspiration and motivation.

Words fail me at times.


Des said...

wah... girls stuff.


sometimes simple stuff in daily life can change your mood huh.

have a great day

Copykate said...

u're absolutely right! i feel happy when i do them. and then i have the mood to blog XD

next would be shopping!

Charlie said...

haha great stuff you blog about, but please next time dont talk about shaving lah, people might get the wrong idea and puke all day. lol

cheers. see you in kl lah, call me in advance, i will get the tickets ready.

Chee Hoe said...

Ewwww... those fingernails.... yucky!! :P

TheBeerCrusader said...


Why paint your fingernails yellow ?!

Paint them light pink !! :P

Copykate said...

old unc charl, u din puke, did u? shaving is good XD

u were so busy that we din even get to meet X(

Copykate said...

*slaps chee hoe*

some people actually told me that they like it!

Copykate said...

babi, actually i wanted it to be neon yellw. but cudn't find any.

bought a new pink nail polish from skin food. will use it soon! XD