Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Where Is My Christmas Present

It’s not too late to say Merry Christmas to all and Happy Boxing Day!

This year can be considered as one of the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Well, of course not just celebrating it but truly understand the significance of the important day.

There was a Christmas Eve Thanksgiving Celebration in church. Little pix there are, but I thought I could just post a few share them with you.

Without me. You guessed it right, I was the one who took the photo.

We and Brother Eugene.

Pastor Jonathan David and Pastor Helen. We call them Papa and Mum.

I was really happy to see Boon Kwang and Meng Yang there. Least expected!

And he was so tall that I could only reach to that level while tip-toe-ing! XD

The first prize for lucky draw that night was this set of Victory Chair. No, we did not get it. Don't you dare comment about the fatness of my thigh! LOL

He’s naughty but cute. Not forgetting smart.

Look at them! Can you tell that they’re my siblings? Hardworking like me! LMAO!

We decided to countdown at Halo Café after church. I met quite many of my friends there whom I’m not gonna name so you figure it out yourself. There were 10tables of own own friends, which I thought was really a lot.

We sang her birthday song there. Though it was a lil late.

Gigi, was the cake that hard to cut?

Unfair that I kept taking picture and missed the chance to eat the cake!

So let me show you again the birthday girl who was born on Christmas Eve!

We spent our Christmas night at a golf club in Batu Pahat for the celebration held by the church there. It was a pleasant night but too bad mum couldn’t be there.

Those are the DIY santa hat! Nice eh?

The girls in white.

The boys. Can you spot Nick? Nick, as in my brother. Not that Why Nick XD

The man in red. . . Is that. . . OMG it’s Santa Claus!!!

Pose for my camera=)

He was distributing presents! Oh look at their happy faces!

Man, I was so happy cause he gave me one too! Which means, I’m a child! I’m still a child! Yes I’m a child! Santa loves me! XD

Christmas might be over but I believe we should live everyday in joy. I wish everyone have had a good time and meanwhile let’s look forward to the coming year for new hope and happiness.

And even though this has stopped glowing. . .

Stay healthy and happy! <3


bacterium said...

Wild kids are running around in Times Square giving out chocs!

Stay happy and you'll be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Lol the last pic cute eh! Ho ho ho merry Christmas and yes look forward and be blessed! Happy boxing day, Happy New Year! God loves you!