Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm A Good Driver

Gosh, driving is so fun!!!

It was my first time driving in the rain. I drove home using the high way. Seriously, it felt like playing car racing in the Play Station! Except that in real life I don’t bang here and there and there was no arrow showing “Wrong Way” once in every 5seconds. The highest speed I reached today was 80km/j though. But still, you know, it was raining! The instructor forbade me from driving too fast cause the road was slippery.

Hey, you wanna cut my road? No way! I stepped hard on the pedal and BOOM! There we go! The Proton Saga was way behind! You’re just a Proton k! XD XD XD Oops, and I was just a Kancil. Jeez. HA-HA! Don’t try to cut me. I’m not that lousy in driving you see? I drove all the way there and all the way home! So satisfied with my progress and improvement. *excited*


Lame I know. LOL.

New green shirt from PDI. Yea I'm fat X(

I say my green toe nails rockz!

We adore GREEN!
Oh, never mind the mask cause she was doing facial for Sam.

Tell me you like my red nail polish =)

I always have problem doing French manicure! They turn out like. . . okay a total ruin. And in the end I have to remove everything and paint all over again. A simple manicure takes me at least 1hour. Wtfreak.


3POINT8 said...

green themed copykate!
only the nails are red..

Copykate said...

nope, you forgot that my eyes are blue XD

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Ha! Ha! Did u give the driving instructor a heart attack with ur driving?? He! He! If I am the driving instructor I might have a unsteady heart beat with such a 'hot' student!
Have a nice weekend!

Copykate said...

i guess he could still take it. neh, the "hotness" was cooled off by the cold weather XD

t.d. said...

heyyyy kate

Copykate said...

hey kinky

Seizhin said...

I really should start learning how to drive soon.
How I hate my procrastination habit.

Copykate said...

you mean you can't drive yet?! gosh. yeap better go learn! driving is fun. for the beginning stage at least XD

Zheng WuLeow said...

Hey :D!

got link here through some intense blog hopping :) so did you get your license in the end? cheers

Copykate said...

aha hi suspicious man!

my license? not yet. haven't take my driving test. end of month=)

Sihan said...

8okm/h?? you were driving kancil? if you really drove kancil, you are one hell of driver.

Copykate said...

of coz we use kancil for driving lesson. one hell of driver? LOL!