Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Am Happy

Thankies Alvin, I've finally got rid of that spyware! XD

I tell you I really hate ugly things. Especially ugly clothes. I dunno why there're so many of them out there. When I walk around the mall, all I see s ugly clothes. This one too loose. That one too big. The other one too dull. Another too long. Everything is ugly. Have they got no taste of what? I'm just trying very hard to find myself some new clothes!!! Aww, my wardrobe is pitiful. I need a wardrobe make over! Believe me or not, I actually have very hard time finding myself a nice outfit whenever I'm going out. Absolutely no idea what to wear. Sad sad. Somebody sponsor me some fabulous new clothes? I'm currently into bright colourful outfits! Did I tell you that I look great in chilli red? It's total hotness!

I hate sad and pessimistic entries! They really make my gloomy days. Stupid emo kids.

I hate worry warts. I dunno, I just don't seem to care what's happening. Not worry at the least.

I hate guys because they're either perverts or liars or jerk. LOL? Oops. Except my boyfriend. But you know I still hate them all. Because I don't have a boyfriend XD

I'm a carefree person.

I cannot be locked in the house for one whole day. Except if there's a computer with Interet access for me.

I hate sad entries.
Oops, did I just mention it already?

I heart being pampered! ^^ But over-pampering turns me off because you dunno what kinda person I am deep inside. My inner self can be really scary. One day it might just jump out and swallow your head off! Roarrrrrr!

I'm as hard as rock.

Nobody and nothing can make me cry. (except my parents maybe)

Nobody tells me what to do.

Nobody blames me for anything that happened.

I'm this emotionally troubled kid and I make fun of your name.

I dream of monsters.

I'm insane.

I'm nuts.

Throw me to the garbage.

And I don't mean it.

Because this is random.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!! spywares gone!!

Copykate said...

ya jane, thanks to alvin! XD