Monday, December 17, 2007

Believe In Horoscope?


She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. A slim woman who walks with confident and proud. (so true) She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round forehead. She likes to look straight as if she is searching. She is not a pretentious type and will always say what she thinks. (yea i always say what I think)

You will see Virgo woman walks fast. (many people complained that they can't catch up with me XD) She will try her best to be perfect, to look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection. She is very delicate of what and how she dress. (we virgo are famous as perfectionista) She is bright and easily despair with obstacles. She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her, so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now. (smart guys! <3)

She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expect respect from her love one. She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate. If she finds her dream man, she will not go away. If she does not like you, she will always keep a certain distant. Act proper and appropriate is her discipline.

She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase. She likes a gentleman who open the doors for her. She wants to feel protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete woman. (true true true, everything is true okay?)

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She can really keep secret, you can trust her on this. (still keeping people's secrets) She likes a refreshing and a mild scent. (yep i do like refreshing and mild scent) She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin. Do not comments her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in working full times as a self beautifier.

She is not an innocent angle for sometimes she can be as tough as steel. Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it. (hard as rock) She is a shy type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she walks and talks confidently. (confident outside yet nervous inside. as always.)

She only search for true love , not just any love. Her love is an ideal one. She likes to think no one is neater and as effective as her, which can irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. She likes sweet talk, but she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an angle again. If you have a date with her , you'd better be there on time. (i hate guys who are late! but i can be understanding also k? =p)

Flowers and sweet word can calm her down. If you want to say sorry , make it brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long making it up events, it could lead you to another world war. She likes her man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money. Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny.

In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty woman so much. (not jealous. just angry.) Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in public, it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play and music and likes to criticize about them too.

Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting from your hair, your dress , and the way you talk. (i criticize all the time) If you are in love with her, be as almost perfect as your can. (i'm sorry but, this is true. you've gotta be perfect. or as perfect as i think you should be.)

This is from an email I received. I assure you, 99% of the things stated above tells about me. Jeez. I'm such a typical virgo woman! XD Perfection perfecton perfection! Oh gosh, tell me those green words did not make you sick. LOL. Tell me if you wanna know the descriptons about your horoscope!

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