Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Finally I’ve been to Eye on Malaysia! Look, isn’t it a simply lovely place?

The pix I’ve taken aren’t as nice as somebody’s, but still, I prefer mine better! =P Look at this, appears kinda artistic! Only my camera can do that k!

Gotta line up for quite some time. Just want to show my face. Cannot ke? XD

I wore my santa hat there! This is unedited so my eyebags are pretty obvious X(

Beautiful, isn’t it?

The view from half wheel.

Petronas Twin Tower. This is really awesome!

You don’t wanna miss the chance to visit this romantic place. Remember to bring along your camera.

Forgive him for being childish. He was actually pretending to pose for stranger’s camera.

Wtfreak ghost hands appearing from the lake??? I thought that ghost was probably gay.

Don’t you try to act tall! =)

He said it’s not even 25th but I insisted it’s Christmas! You know who won. But look what happened to my santa hat? Jeez. I look like a fool!

I am the man. *giggles*

Steer the wheel! (silly)

And it was 12.59am. . .

. . . and then 1.00am.

Good night!


Anonymous said...

i am not f*cking gay!

Copykate said...


who said u're gay?

lalala XD

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

my eyebags much more obvious la hehe yours nothing d don't complain d. count ur blessing! hehe!
keep ur good work yea

Copykate said...

thanks. lol. sometimes it gets pretty obvious. but most of the time it can't really be seen XD