Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kite on Romantic Saturday Night

We went to Tanjung again! I received the last minute invitation. Gawd, I thought I was gonna look ugly since he was on the way and I did not have much time to dress up and make up. Thank goodness I had time to put on my contact lenses, changed into my new long-sleeves top (I knew it was chilly out there), and apply some eyeliner. In 5minutes time. Perfect!

We are dating!

Hmm, I mean, they are! XD

Nothing can beat a stroll on a classic Saturday night at such a romantic place.


We bought a kite!

Big field. Strong wind. Spot light.

Believe me or not, our kite was the highest!

Aww, look at them!

So sweet! ^^

Now you know how strong the wind was.

Let me name the food: keropok lekor, sausages, cup corns.

What an enjoyable night! <3


jcjessjessiejessica said...

the only kite around, therefore it was the highest?
you and your bubbles.

Copykate said...

no! there were many people playing kites. around more than 20. mostly parents with kids. it was so fun! you gotta try it next time! XD

our string was accidentally cut off by someone's. the kite flew away and was nowhere to be seen X(

the wind was so strong that i didn't have to blow the bubbles. just hold it in the air and it would be blown at full speed!