Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Paradise

Christmas is coming! Are you ready to follow Kate to the X'mas world? Get your santa hat ready!

Hello Santa. How ya feeling this year?
Welcome to Silverho - Living Cabin branch.
Cameras are strictly forbidden inside. But of course, the rule does not apply to Kate.
because. . . she's such a popular blogger that she enjoy the privilege!
HA-HA. As if. You just need to be good friends with the boss there. *wink*
Cute little decos.
Please turn me into a mini dwarf just so I can fit into this christmas house.
People are so jealous of me carrying my cameras around shooting here and there. Sorry peeps =P
You know what, you should get a santa hat for your pet! Especially cute doggies like Max and Didi! XD
Really love this paradise.
Pink bear hanging like an angel.
Tell me that bear did not hang himself and die. Someone must had scared him X(
I bought this! Not the snowman but the statues.
Proud santas.
The glowing snowmen are waving to us.
Mummy shopping for christmas stuff. Isn't her outfit simply cool?
OMG this is my favourite corner! Bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear!!! *hugz*
Eeee so adorable! *pinch*
Last but not least, this is the soft little bear priced at RM9.90 which I was tempted to purchase.
And whoever told you Malays must have dark skin?
Tell you what, Pete only take pictures with pretty girls. Jeez.
Looking forward to Christmas. Don't forget my pressie! <3


Sue Me said...

kate..u know the owner of living cabin??so nice..i was so tempted to take pics of the christmasy feel till i saw the sign "no camera allowed"..sadness..
Merry Xmas!!

Jayce said...

Cute... :)