Monday, December 10, 2007

Didi Is Mine

Enough telling me that was a puppy schnauzer. This time it's a poodle. A real poodle! Introducing didi!

Cute bo? Like a teddy right? XD
Web-caming didi.
Oh gosh, Didi is flashing his didi!
See the happy owner? Swee Loo = beautiful toilet
So adorable!!! (I mean didi, not the owner)
Didi pee pee in the room. Loo got angry cause Didi did not use the loo. He whacked Didi! X(
Didi was sad. He lay on the floor and refused to move around.
Sad Didi looked away.
Now my turn k? I have doggie also. Merry Christmas!
Nice anot? XD
I have two little poodle also! *kissing*
Sorry, no kiss for you.
Don't gimme that dirty look! ROFL XD
Go merajuk.
Shouldn't it be toilet stinks?
I know, I stink. Cause I posted up your kiam pak pix!
Now, please don't kill me, loo. I really chose the nice looking ones ^^

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