Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Convention Boredom

The other day we followed dad to a convention in the company office located at Sunway. Was feeling bored so sis and I decided to play around with the camera.


Look at the skinny model legs!

I like this pair of shorts.

Hmm. . . no, just wanna show you the nice underwear. Does your dick feel itchy looking at this picture? XD

For goodness sake, stop pointing at the crotch already!

Okok, show you the shoes hanging around the neck can anot? New trend is it? LOL

Who wanna buy this shirt with fatty ah soh printed on it??? “Don’t call me sweety.” ROFL. Good idea thought, so people can make some comparison.

Wallets. Not my style.

Surely you’ve heard of the brand “Edwin”. I’ve seen the advertisement in some magazines.

They even gave us free original CD! Not new ones, but still, worth keeping wat =P

We were staying at Cititel.

Trying to act like ghost.

Wake up in the morning must make up.

I like the shadow on the curtain!

That’s liquid eyeliner.

Eyelash curler.

Enough hor. Sick of the pix dy.

I heart Enchanted! I’m the princess, you’re the witch!!!

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