Monday, August 6, 2007

PC Fair

Saturday at PC Fair.

We had both our lunch and dinner at Little Penang Café, KLCC. It’s insane! But at least we were smart enough to have ordered the different choices. Like, DUH!

Zi Li, my greatest buddy ever still remains the same mischievous joker. He asked me whether he’s become more mature now. Sorry but, NO! XD

RM9 for a plate of nasi lemak.

The curry cost the same as well=)

I felt like I hadn’t seen Jess for ages! Finally! XD

From left: Wee Guan’s nerdy friendx2, Wee Guan, Zi Li, Chong Hao.

Me, on the way to PC Fair. I know I’ve got this really nice butt. *ehemmm* Just joking k! Can’t even take a joke huh?

People often think we make a good couple. It’s a big no-no for me. Anyway, forever buddies! <3
Pretty girls from Vaio. One of my dream jobs! Though not sophisticated runway model.
Webcam + DigiCam-whore
Look! What do you think about this obscene shot? Jess giving Zi Li a hand job?! LOL. Even the couple behind couldn’t help laughing at them! XD (note: she was just trying hard searching for her purse which was hidden somewhere in the bag)
Chong Hao was like. . . so chubby in this picture! CUTE! Just open your eyes and focus on his stomach! It represents prosperity. LOL.
Jonathan and Jovan. It’s really mean of Jon to have forgotten me! To think that he couldn’t even remember my name! X(
I bought this stripe long-sleeves tee from GAP. It looks rather simple, I know. But I like it!
These 3 SAT books remind me of Yong Siang, Kent Yee and E-jieh (GBK). The 3 evil ones who enslaved me to buy these and carried them till I reached Shah Alam. Then they came all the way from Cendana to Akasia just to get the books. The real purpose was, well you know, what does GBK stand for? Gian-Bu-King!
The few changes that my old friends noticed in me:
1) I’ve put on some weight. Wtfreak? Zi Li actually pointed to my stomach and shouted really loudly that I’ve gained more fat. I hate it when people observe my big tummy X(
2) I’ve got more pimples. Especially on my forehead! Jess even said it’s burnt. Frustrated! I seriously need more facial!
3) I’ve become more independent. Okay, this statement is from me. True though. Maybe they knew it but just didn’t know how to tell. Kate’s become more independent now!
I actually travelled all the way back to Shah Alam on my own, at night. A wonderful experience.
Thank God I was safe=)


Leen said...

I will not recommend you purchasing the SAT Subject Test book from Collegeboard. It is not worth it since you will only be taking 2 or 3 subjects in SAT II, and not all the subjects offered in SAT II.

If you want to get good books for SAT II, you should try purchasing the specific book (for physics, Chemistry..etc) from Barrons.

The other two books that you bought are good though. One more thing, you might want to consider buying SAT I book by Collegeboard. It serves the most accurate level of difficulty for the real SAT.

Good - Collegeboard, Barrons, Princeton Review
Bad - KAPLAN, Thomsons, Acro
Neutral - McGraw

Good - Barrons, Princeton Review
Bad - the rest of the brands

For TOEFL, you don't need any book so you can save some money on that. Just concentrate on improving your speaking skills because many flunked in that section.... including me.

jcjessjessiejessica said...

both of us look ugly in that pic. mayb it's just me. i think da 1 i hv is a lil better.

Copykate said...

hey leen, thanks for your advice. i'll bear them in mind! yea i bought a SAT1 collegeboard from a senior, and u dun wanna know how cheap she charged me! XD *happy* as for subject tests, i've got all the specific one. i guess my friend was juz too inquisitive about the other subjects, so he dicided to buy that collegboard. too free perhaps.

anyway, u're from campus alive! i wanna read CA's blog!

Copykate said...

jez, we both looked ugly but that was already the nicest among the worst XD how do u like ur pic v zili? kekeke

leeern said...

I KNEW HIM!!!!!!!!! He's from alg. His name is Billy but we girls call him Pinkie cos he's always wearing pink shirt and he plays with his cellphone all the time!! ZOMG!! I didn't expect to read this here. He's from Sarawak if I'm not mistaken.

Leen said...

I got my Collegeboard for a pretty cheap price too myself. XD

If you want to ask anything about SAT, TOEFL, or even the whole program as a whole, feel free to email me. You can find my email in my profile or through CA blog.

CA blog is open to all now. ^____^

Copykate said...

OMG leern, he's from sarawak? so far! Pinkie! so cute! XD i still prefer to call him jack. love that name!

don't u find him cool? LOL

Copykate said...

thanks leen. anyway i'm going to the cell group meeting tomorrow. have been skipping for a few times. *guilty*