Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shopping Heals My Soul

According to Murphy’s Law, it rains whenever you wash your clothes. Such a situation seems to be occurring for the past few weeks. It rains every time right after I throw all my dirty clothes into the washing machine. It makes me wonder whether it was mere coincidence, or was I really born with bad luck.

Today is officially the fourth day of my holiday. Not much progress on my daily routine- the usual eat and slack and sleep. The other day, I had logged onto in attempt to find myself a job. Off I went for the interview yesterday. It frustrated me to think about how they lured us there by the high-paid road show job posted on the website, whereas in reality they’re actually offering us the RM80 per day super market promoter job. Heck, I went there for the road show interview, not for some crappy super market promoter! I felt cheated. What a shame that I even had to wake up early in the morning to make myself pretty to face the bitch-faced interviewer. I decided that if they were to call me for that RM80 job, I am never ever going for it. What for stand whole day and work like a dog to get RM80? After deducting food and transportation fees, what is left probably can’t even buy me a pair of new Mary-Jane heels.

I don’t know why I even bother looking for jobs. I could have just get some newest fashionable stock out there and start selling clothes online again. All I have to do is sit in front of the computer, advertise my site, wait for customers to approach, and occasionally pay a few visits to the post office nearby. No standing on my feet whole day long, no persuading customers to buy some crappy product till my saliva dries up. Meanwhile I can indulge myself in the latest fashion and learn the to-wear and not-to-wear. I might even purchase a few trendy clothing using the money I earn.

Spotted an uber cute polka dots dress at Sunway Pyramid the other day. Just look at the little buttons!

I didn’t buy it though, cause the sleeves were too big. They revealed my bra =(

Here are some purchase I made yesterday:

-a Tokyo Fashion dress with to-die-for pussy bow!
-a black leather bag for school and formal meetings.

-a Victorian style shirt with pretty frills.
-a leather bag with just the right colour I have been wanting!

-a simple white strapless tube dress.

I know my mirror isn’t exactly the cleanest mirror of the world. It is covered with my finger print, eyelash print, lip print, foot print, whatever print you can possibly think of.

By the way, Katie babe, I’ve got your dress! The little red dress I borrowed from her. Do you think it can be worn to a wedding dinner?

I got myself a little white satin pouch to match this red dress! Picture of it should be shown later, that’s if I really use it.

Yesterday, my phone rang and the caller ID showed that it was from the college office. They’ve called me so many times that I decided to save the number in my phone book. Sometimes they call and ask whether I know this someone named who-and-who, whether he/she is still in my class, or sometimes they would call in the middle of the class to inform me to make certain announcement. Yesterday though, it was considered good news. I won the third prize for a book review competition I took part in earlier on. Well, third prize isn’t exactly flattering. To think that there are two smarter bookworms ahead of me! I wonder whether they are male or female, thin or fat, pretty or handsome or fugly, street-smart or nerdy. My curiosity is telling me that I ought to attend the award ceremony on the 1st of December, even though I’m still having a long term holiday. It is being held at the function room next to the Club House! Gawd, when the caller said Club House, I was like what??? What house??? And she repeated “Club House”. And I was like, “Pardon? What house is that???” HAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL. I can’t help laughing when I think of my dumbness. But honestly, I didn’t know there was such a “house” in the campus. The swimming pool are has always been referred to as “the swimming pool place” (yea, wtfreak), such a sophisticated name has never occurred in my mind. Anyway, yeah yeah I am definitely going to get my prize, and to check out the 2 people who did better than me. I should be grateful though, considering I screwed up my book review final interview by not being well-prepared. Ben said that he heard the prize is something like a book voucher if not mistaken. Wtfreak, a book voucher! It’s not even clothes voucher or something like that. And I bet the amount wouldn’t exceed RM300! What can I buy with that minuscule sum???

Ok, I should start being contented and stop whining like a pussy. After all, what happened to the virtues cultivated throughout my years and years of education? Yes, I am a person with the deepest virtues and highest moral! LMAO I cannot stop laughing!


Katie ♥ said...

haha wtf no need to pull the red dress up so high la biatch. i know you wanna show off your legs, slutty :P ooh the white dress is to die for and the black bag! share share k! and i promise i will share my tutus and my platforms :P

~AmY~ AmylopectiN said...

You love shopping! Don't you?

Btw, I like the little red dress. Of course it will be suitable for a wedding dinner!

Copykate said...

katie, the back top part of the white dress is rather sheer, but i guess that isn't a problem cause we both wear gorgeous bra! LOL.

i'm not sure whether i can carry off ur tutus, cause like, they're way too cute for me! XD

and btw, i wore the dress high up to cover my bra, not to show off my ugly legs, u biatch! teehee.

Copykate said...

amy, every girl loves shopping! don't u? XD

ahaaaa nice little red dress from katie yea? i guess i will wear it.