Thursday, November 29, 2007

Your Level of Class

Attention to all Muarian! Have you seen this café before? Yeap, it’s the newly-opened Mister Coffee Café located at the old 88 Hawker Centre. Have you been there? Good for you if you haven’t, because you might want to think twice after reading my review.

Let us start with the inside view. It looks quite simple and comfortable like any other modern coffee shop.

These are the waitress. I think their outfits look very kopitiam indeed. Do not blame me for complaining their service as they had ignored our question more than twice.

Iced Cappuccino looked so nice that we couldn’t bring ourselves into stirring it.

This Iced Americano cost me RM4.20. I know you consider it cheap. However, I thought this café is supposed to serve high standard coffee? The fact is, this RM4.20-less-than-500ml-drink was really awful X(

I have to comment on the straw they use. It’s the cheap and ugly ones that we see on the street, which cost 20cents per one big pack!

I mean, it doesn’t really matter if they use lousy straw. But the coffee wasn’t very nice either. So much for calling themselves Mister Coffee Cafe. I think the kopitiam in town probably serves better coffee.

This looks rather nice, I know. You probably won’t find it in kopitiam. But can someone point out to me what’s the liquid inside? I thought it was milk at first. But apparently it was transparent. According to the waitress, it was some kinda syrup that’s supposed to make your coffee sweeter. Oh right, and we found some black stuff inside, which I doubt was coffee powder. How do you explain that?

This is the so-called Teriyaki Grilled Fish that cost me RM14.90! I was wondering where my sauce was, only to realize they’d already added some Popo Soy Sauce on top of my fish. Dammit! Teriyaki with soy sauce?! It doesn’t look very appetizing, does it?

I looked like this when my fish was served:

You bet James wasn’t very pleased with his chicken chop either.

How about Kim? Did she order salad vege or something? Nah, those were the salad we gathered altogether. We thought they were too large to be edible hence decided to cut them into pieces. In other words, we were playing with the inedible dressing.

Nono, we weren’t playing with the drink. Just. . . experimenting? XD

Nah, add some coffee to see if the salad would taste nicer.

The only thing that satisfied us was still the Iced Cappuccino. Believe me or not, Kim hardly drank half of her Iced Americano.

Aww, look at her! XD

Here’s the bill. Really not worth lor. I would rather spend the same amount to visit some other better café.

It wasn’t until we came out of the café that we noticed the words written on these two signboards. I mean, we saw them before going in, but we didn’t exactly bother to read.



OMG am I dreaming or what? This is the most hilarious cafe signboard ever! Don’t you find the last sentence extremely insulting? Whoever put up the signboard probably is probably trying to be a smart aleck! Speaking matter of factly, which café owner would take the risk of offending its customers by giving such ignominious remark? Exactly what are they trying to get by doing so? Are they so afraid that the customers might complain about their prices? Or is it that their prices are so ridiculous that they started being guilty-conscious? I believe the signboards really did their job for displaying the level of standard Mister Coffee belongs to.

To whoever suggested the idea of those two signboards: I do think your prices are expensive, considering the standard of food and beverages you served. Don’t mind telling me more directly which level of class I shall belong?

Add on: Shame on you!

Final say to fellow readers: Instead of asking you not to visit this “high-class coffee shop”, I believe you’re wise enough to make your own decision. Once is enough. I did not quite regret for such experience though, since we obviously had a good laugh reading the signboards.

Here are some other photos we took in Tanjung on the same day. Hmm, a picture speaks a thousand words or a picture speaks more than a thousand words or whatever? Enjoy=)


Mavin aka Nemo said...

haha u say until like that nobody will go d la dong although i quite agree as i've heard lots about the shop..

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sugar syrup that they've put in little jugs. It tastes like crap. Secret Recipe does that too.

Seems that although the place is not a kopitiam, they do have a very kopitiam mentality. Haha. Luckily as consumers, we can choose which cafes we want to patronize.

meiphing said...

heyz kate ! nice white top ! i like it. haha. anyway that silly kopitiam is nuts. lol

Anonymous said...

totally agree....don ever go that shop again unless u have too much money and time to waste on

fatfat a.k.a shiying said...

i support wat u say...
i wont go there also...really like shit....
my fren work there 4 1 week also bully by their 'highclass' boss..
omg..really mad...

Copykate said...

mavin, since when u adore nemo?

i have to warn everyone before they step into that shop and waste their hard-earned salary on the awful coffee!

Copykate said...

anon, i think their coffee can't even be compared to kopitiam! and how dare they put up that signboard! even if they have the nicest bevarages in the world, that sentence still appear insulting. what's more, in this case, their coffee certainly sucks!

Copykate said...

thank you phingy! XD yep first time wearing it. it's new! luckily it didn't get stained. lol

Copykate said...

anon, would rather go tanjung for rojak right? cheaper and nicer!

Copykate said...

shiying, gosh, really?? i wonder who the idiotic boss is! didn't know not only he has no brain, he's also a big bully!?

jasmine said...

the shop looks ok!
but never imagine the F&B sucks

Anonymous said...

cow brain one the boss..hahaha..

Anonymous said...

erm..I agree that the services there is suck..I have been ignore four times for difference waitress..

Anyway, your blog write like this..I think will have side effect, which ppl will more curious to go the mister coffee shop hahaha

Copykate said...

side effect should be people would be curious to drop by and see the signboard. don't think they would enter the shop though XD

anyway i passed by mister coffee today and realized they've taken away that insulting signboard. another one was still there though.