Saturday, November 3, 2007

Save Me From Bingeing

Final is over! It’s holiday! This is supposed to be the best time for me to blog. But I’ve become such a shopping binge that I wary myself out! We went to Sunway for dinner straight after the last paper. I’m such a sucker when it comes to buffet! Especially steamboat buffet! You don’t wanna know how I gorged myself with all the seafood for the entire night. We spent so long on dinner that the shops in Sunway Pyramid were already closed when we reached there. Then the next day was Times Square and Sg. Wang. I hope I’ll get some rest today before heading to Gardens tomorrow. I don’t even have enough sleep, let alone blogging! I’ve been having nightmares these few nights. The last time I had a nightmare was probably many years back. Anybody capable of decoding bad dreams?

For the previous weeks I have been feeling so tired up. I think I put on such a depressed look that people started asking me why I looked so sad. They probably thought I had a big blow with my boyfriend or that my boyfriend had dumped me for good. That’s if I even have a boyfriend. See, I’m such a loser that I can’t even find myself a boyfriend. They’re always either too fat or too skinny, too smart or too dumb, too handsome or too ugly, too funny or too boring, too crazy or too nerdy. . . I don’t even know what I want already. Anyway, that’s not the cause of me being depressed! Because I know you’re gonna come up to me and tell me that being single rawkz (yes it does). The problem is, I just got so freaked out by a frigging Siva lecturer the destroyer! Plus I was really unhappy, well, not to say stressed up (cause I didn’t feel the stress), just unhappy cause it was our exam week. So for the entire week I probably looked like that:

Wanna know something I encountered yesterday? I was sleeping so soundly in the KTM, all of a sudden I was awakened by a “F*** something c*b**!” followed by a continuous babbling of Cantonese words. I shrieked in horror and was disgusted by the sight of a 12 or 13 year old girl using such vulgarity. That wasn’t all. She even stuck her oil absorbent paper (whatever you call it, I have no idea cause I don’t use it) on the door! She thought that thing was so elegant that she placed it there for display??? Gee, I think she should stick her Laurier Maxi Wing there for display as well! But I’m not sure if she has even started using a pad. For the whole journey I stared at her and her 2 other friends in contempt. They were making so much noise in the KTM! Budak kurang ajar entah dari kampong mana. If you were there, will you reprimand the girl? I dunno, people might think you’re busybody. Or you might ask, “Why should I care? She’s not even my sister!”

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