Monday, November 26, 2007

TOEFL is Crap

Please don’t ask me about my TOEFL. I think I screwed up the whole thing especially the Speaking Section. I nearly wanted to shout “WTF” into the mic k. Wtfreak. And you guess what? I had been starving for 11hours! Never in my life had I starve for that long before. By the time I finished my Penang char kuey tiao and chicken wings at 11.30pm, my stomach felt sick and I nearly vomited. Thanks to the test that took so long. And that isn’t all! I even had nightmare when I slept at night! It’s weird how people of my age would dream of monsters. I thought it’s usually little kids who scream for mummy at night, saying that the monster is chasing after him. I had such a frightful dream! Jess would probably want to hear this cause she appeared in my dream again:

I was in a operation room. The doctors were operating a few patients with blood stains on their hand. Lying there right in front of me was a human body with shabby clothes on. Let me tell you what, it was alive but it was headless! The place where its head should be is replaced by a giant bubble gum which was moving as t breathed. Just at the blink of an eye, the body slowly moved and evolved into two dark green dirty monsters! They looked as if they just came out of the drain, and apparently very very fierce and scary. They were trying to capture everyone in the room and who knows what they were gonna do next! Needless to say, I fled! No kidding, I could feel my heart pounding even though it was merely a dream. I didn’t know I was dreaming. I locked myself in a room and descended from the window. Somehow there were staircases all the way down from there. It was night time, and there were quite a few people below the apartment. I only remember meeting Jess. Then I followed her to her room, which is just 1 floor below the monsters. I thought I would be safe there but I heard noises! The door would open by itself every time after I locked it. I had to guard the door and I couldn’t close the window. I had no idea why the rest of the people in the room weren’t helping me. I guess I was the only panic one. Then Jess turned really weird. She wasn’t talking to me at all! I could sense that something was wrong! Can’t remember what happened later on. Probably ended up in chaos. But the image of the two monsters kept haunting me during the night until I woke up feeling suffocated. You would know how I feel if you used to have nightmares.

That was a long dream! Okay, enough rambling. We went to The Gardens and Mid Valley yesterday! As usual, it was crowded on Sunday. I don’t regard myself as a bibliophile, but visiting the bookstore is a must. So you guess what I spotted in MPH? May Zhee’s Sweetheart From Hell! Was so excited cause I’d been wanting to buy that book! You should buy it, it costs only RM29.90 and it’s really thick. Very worthwhile! Besides, we’re supposed to support Malaysian author right? Not to mention to support a young and beautiful author who is of the same age with me. LOL. So I took the book and picked up a CLEO from the shelves and headed to the cashier. Pete was there so I said, “Hey, help me pay.” But wtfreak he refused! He said he’s already given me RM100 to spend the day before. How would that be enough! Crazy. But at least I got him to pay for my PDI clothes later on. I like the two t-shirts so much! I’m not gonna share with my mum, my sis or anybody!

I think I hate about guy is they think shopping is a boredom. Okay, some guys I mean, not all. Obviously Pete is one of them. He kept asking when we would finish shopping. I was like, “For Pete’s sake, so fast? Are you out of your mind? Wait!” See, he looks bored yea?

I saw some really nice umbrellas in Isetan! They cost RM39, which is enough for me to buy 3 or 4 umbrellas. Please don’t ask me why I want an umbrella for. I need it k! It’s the small umbrella that people bring to school. But I really don’t wanna buy those ugly designs that you can find in any hypermarket. Like the doraemon or tweety one that I found in Mydin. Totally yucky! Wanted to buy the black one but they said it looks like I’m attending a funeral! But black is nice! I don’t like to hold a colourful umbrella like everybody out there. Besides, there’re some small designs at one corner of the umbrella wat. Now you see, it’s not completely black! But, oh well, I didn’t buy it. Guess I should continue looking for a transparent one so I can make my own design. Any idea where to find it?

I’m currently looking for new handbags though I’ve just bought three the other day. Spotted a really nice one in Metrojaya, but you guess how much it costs? RM1380! OMG four figures price k! I can still afford it if you tell me it’s three hundred and eighty. But one thousand? NO! I’m not so rich like you think. Oh ya, someone sprayed HUGO XX and XY on my palms. The promotion et costs RM380. I’m thinking to get it for Christmas. The problem is, XY smells really nice but not XX. XX scent is too sweet and I couldn’t take it. In a not-so-good way I mean. I dunno, perhaps you have different view.

This is Pete looking annoyed cause I kept spending his money X(

Prisci said they went to Pavillion and the people there talked to him in Japanese. Jeez, does he look that Japanese? XD

Anyway, I paid for my own Baskin Robbins! Hmm, too ugly to show my face =)


jcjessjessiejessica said...

I almost call you to ask. good thing i didn't.

there're 2 possibility to why i wasn't talking to you
1. i've been zombified
2. U"VE been zombified.

I would bet on the second one.
because more likely you turned into a monster instead of me. cheers for me.

guess you missed me too much. i dont mind that. XD. i thot of smth us, femmes can do over the holidays. well, that's if we get to meet. when r u flying off again?

Yuinyi said...

hey how come you seem to have a lot of nightmares? XD Take it easy..

AndrewC said...

The XX and XY u are supposed to only like one what.
Guys perfume, guys don't like but girls like. Girls perfume, girls don't like but guys like. So I guess the XX and XY perfumes do work.

Copykate said...

garn, u were the one who was zombified! XD

hey what's the plan? of coz we'll get to meet! i'm not flying. if u mean aus. next year maybe. didn't get my visa done.

can't wait to see you all X(

Copykate said...

joelyn, i dunno. stressed up i guess? nobody of our age would dream of monsters right? XD

Copykate said...

abang, that makes sense. but dad actually has the same opinion with me.