Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gimme That Poodle

Yesterday, I went to a newly-opened pet shop somewhere near my old house. Guess what? The shih-tzu was so excited when he sees me! He kept swirling around my legs and trying to hop onto me! It's so adorable! I patted his head and carried it up. Aww, the dog likes me! How sweet is that! I know, you're probably gonna tell me that he's a male dog and I smell like a bitch. LOL. There was another puppy shih-tzu in the cage that kept jumping when he saw me. I ignored him. Then he pee-ed. Ahh, naughty bum! XD
After that, I spotted a brown puppy sleeping in the cage with a rebellious posture. It's a puppy poodle!!! OMG it's so cute you know? I felt like carrying it home! But it was sold already! X(

The young lady boss said she sold it for RM900. I can afford that also!!! I told mum I want a puppy and she said I was crazy. She said I would probably play with it for a few day before I decide to give it to others. We used to have a chiwawa at home but we gave it away cause it was too noisy. That was the only miniature dog we had, apart from German Shepherds, Rotweilers, Boxers, whatever big dogs you name it. There've been so many breeds of dogs ever since I was born. Until we shifted to the new house. Back then I didn't even dare to touch or even go near them doggies XD Gawd, but now I want that cute doggie!!! Or even a shih-tzu will do! Since they'll surely like me! =P

For the whole day I've been shouting "I want a poodle! I want a poodle!" and mum got so tired of me that she asked me to shut up X( But I want it! Next time, I'm gonna ask my boyfriend to give me a poodle for my birthday! You don't want to buy then ngo tong lei fang shao! Ngo yiu tong lei fang shao! LOL. Somebody taught me that. I mean, I knew it even before he taught me k! I like that line. But by then I'm sure I can well afford a poodle. Don't need him to give me. Don't need to fang shao lah XD

In case you dunno how a puppy poodle looks like,

Cute, isn't it???

I want a miniature poodle!!!


Anonymous said...

So cute! I want one too. You buy for me can or not? Kakakakaakakaka

Copykate said...

thought i'm supposed to ask you buy one for me =s

i want a miniature poodle!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the puppy poodle excites you :) But before you get it (or get someone to), have a good think of whether this is a passing fancy, or whether you're prepared to look after this animal for it's whole lifespan.

It's a lifetime commitment, and it's a horrible feeling for animals who are given away by owners because owners get bored of them.

If you feel confident about being a good parent, I hope you'll get your new friend soon, and I hope he'll bring you lots of joy ^_^

Copykate said...

thanks for the advice. i know, that's what exactly my mum said! and she said i can't even take care of myself, let alone taking care of a puppy! LOL.

i won't be getting one until i think i'm old enough. probably few years later when i'm not tied down by studies XD

JuDy said...

i wan one too but i cant keep them.i have too many doggies ady back home.if i get another one my mum will kill me! *sad*

Copykate said...

you have many doggie at home? ahh so good! i only have fake ones in my room XD

jAmEs said...

Christmas is around the corner... make a wish ... make a wish :)

Copykate said...

lol james, i know. blind wish. it wun be one of my christmas presents.