Monday, November 5, 2007

Charlie's Great offer

I know many people have been featured in my blog before this and you probably got tired with this sorta post. But really, you gotta check this out!

Who is this? I know from the logo you can probably see the guy. I mean, that's so obvious it's him right? But guess what? I've mistaken Charlie as a girl!!! Wtfreak, this is not the first time I've mistaken someone's gender! I always thought Charlie sounds all girlish. Regardless of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But that's not the point. The point is, his blog is giving out great offer!!! OMG rocking freebies which you have to take a look! He's definitely not mailing you some cheapskate unwanted household stuff but he's giving you fabulous vouchers! Alright let's take a look:

- Free TGV ticket for 2.
- RM15 discount off RM100 at BORDERS
- Free (12oz) Freshly Brewed Coffee @Starbuck
- Free Genting Skyway
- Genting Theme Park Hotel @ RM68.88nett(breakfast included)
- 50% Discount for Awana Kijal, Terengganu
- 50% Discount for Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi
- 30% Discount for shows at the Pavilion, Genting
- Buy 1 free 1 game + free 2 pair of shoe rental @U Bowl
- Free 1 Night Stay at Awana Genting (Worth RM180)

So how do you get these great offer? Easy!

Quote from Charlie Chia:
1.)You can write a comment on any of the posting on this blog.(The best comment will be chosen) And be sure to leave you email so that I can contact you should you be chosen.

2.) You can write about on your own blog and be sure you put a link to After publishing the post, just write me an email at with your name, contacts and blog url. The top 5 blog that drives the most traffic will be given a voucher each.

3.) You can just setup a link on your site and then email me your name, contacts and website/blog url where the link is put on.

4.) Write about any of voucher mention above and how you plan to use it if you are chosen as the winner. Be as creative as you can and be sure to highlight about this blog as well.

You probably think this is such a copy-kenny hugo style. Or probably just his way of getting his blog popular (like it'll ever make me less popular =P). But heck, wouldn't you be attracted to those vouchers??? There'll be more coming! From KFC or wherever. You'd better email him and ask about it!

Oh no, the bad thing is, the TGV tickets are given out! OMG that was the first thing i aimed for! So sad!!! I was gonna shut down my computer and throw tantrum on the bed! But then Charlie said he'll try to get more free movie tix! Aww that's so sweet! (Or he's probably gonna sponsor me using his pocket money just to make me happy? LOL)

If I get those free tix, I'm gonna text the hottest hunk in town to join me for the movie just so I won't have to spent 2hours in the dark and cold theatre all on my own^^

Or at least, I should get the starbucks! The last time I visited Starbucks was a few months back when I went for a convention at Genting. Later on, I thought it was beyond my financial border. Okay admit it, I was just stingy! Because I'm waiting for Charlie to get me that free voucher!!!

I know you've probably clicked on his oage by now. And I know you're gonna fight with me over the voucher! X(


Still, you might want to drop by his site. And remember to follow those 4 steps!
Good luck winning your voucher!=)

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