Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Have Blue Eyes

Did I tell you that I’ve got my streamyx fixed today? Dad called and told me that the person would come at 12. According to Malaysian Rubber Time (MRT), I assumed that he would not reach until 12.30pm. But who knows that the door bell rang at 11something. And guess what? It’s a young boy! OMG very unexpected! It was always unattractive old man but this time it was a young and good looking boy!!! Oh sheesh, I just came out from the bathroom. I didn’t even bother to comb my hair. I was so underdressed! I was in a mess! Heck, tell me you wouldn’t feel self-conscious when a young stranger boy is in your house? Anyway, I should have asked for his phone number right? Then we can hang out XD Nah, I didn’t bother to talk to him. Because I was in an ugly state apparently X(

Anyway, I’ve got my blue contact lenses yesterday!!! *excited*

- Why do you want blue contact? Brown suits you better!
- You look better in glasses.
- Blue? Eew!
- They don’t go with your features!
- Cat eyes!
- Eh very nice!

I chose blue not because I’m trying to look ang moh or what. The point is, I’ve worn coco brown and hazel before, so now I wanna try something different! You can’t expect me to wear the same colour all the time. They would bore me to tears!

Anyway, I don’t really look that nice in real life. Now you’re gonna tell me these pix suck or I’m ugly or I should look at myself in the mirror? Very disheartening, not! XD You can tell me that you dislike the blue cause it looks horrible on me. Oh no, actually it’s picture. They aren’t really obvious. Whatever it is, I adore my blue contact lenses! <3

Oh ya, did you notice that I was actually wearing a bikini inside? The Pierre Cardin I got for my birthday. Hadn't really got chance to wear it. So Kate was walking around the street with a bikini without anyone staring at her! How cool is that? LOL. Lame I know!


jcjessjessiejessica said...

They arent that bad after all, from here at least. I was expecting another shade of blue that doesn't suit asian skin, or at least chinese's or mine. any tone? and u didnt do your hair right? tho mine is kinda sucky now, but i like mine better when i do it, and of course if it's a good hair day, which is not everyday or preferably, hardly.

jcjessjessiejessica said...

and ya, i thot it's a bra? which looks like a bikini?

bacterium said...

the bikini would come in handy for rainy days like in m'sia nowadays.

Copykate said...

no, i din really do my hair. was just playing with it before i took the pix. and trying to see how i look like in fringe XD apparently i have bad hair day everyday! i'm not satisfied even after i wax it!

the colour isn't that scary right? in fact, it's not as obvious as it seems in the pix. quite "natural" lol

Copykate said...

it's more like a bikini than a bra. i call it bikini XD

Copykate said...

bac! very unexpected XD

who wears bikini during rainy days??? it's fors summer, duh! are you trying to be sarcastic? X(

leeern said...

Lol. U always look great. Cute little nose. Huge doll eyes. not being mean. *dreamy doll eyes*

jAmEs said...

yoh gua mui... how are ya doing?

haha... blue eyes... freaking me out but definetely it's nice to glow at nite

Copykate said...

omg chingern, ur compliments would make me fly to the roof top! XD

Copykate said...

gua mui?

u should see the green. it's even scarier! dun think they can glow at night though. not even cat eyes! XD

Katie ♥ said...

maybe you should try lining your eyes cats eye style. flick the brush up at the ends so that your eyes look like cats. might go with the blue and your eyes as well :)

love <3

Copykate said...

i bot the liquid liner from elianto the other day. still not very skilled at using liquid one cause my hands are always shaking XD will try it for sure! <3


Eyes that speaks is da most pretty ever!!! stay pretty n kawaii!!! cheersssssss

Copykate said...

my eyes can speak? cool!

thanks XD

~Catherine's imperfect life~ said...

The color doesn't suit you. What brand is that? I am wearing freshkon hippie chestnut and it's very un-natural. Yours even worse.
lol. But it's your freedom to choose to like it. hehe.
no offence.