Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dedication To Boston-ians 2007

This is a long entry dedicated to all my classmates in Boston. Did I tell you that some of them got influenced by my blogging spirit and started their own web log? Go find out yourselves! XD

To Hafidz:
Macha! . I see you bring your camera all the time. Not bad, even got influenced by my blogging spirit. Maybe it’s time for me to retire. I shall hand over my throne to you! XD You’re the one who always make the class noisy! (in a good way) Thanks for your existence, Boston hasn’t been too quiet and boring. I remember many times when you started debating during lunch hour when we were eating in class. And the “chicken or egg” theory! I’m still keeping the photos! You look exactly like a lecturer! That’s one of your ambitions right? So I assure you that you’ll make a good one. You’re outspoken and always able to come out with crazy yet creative ideas. Somehow you’re different from others. Maybe it’s all the knowledge you’re acquired by your years of reading, you’re able to express your thought without much difficulties, and not to mention, maturely=P Sometimes I really stared at you and wondered how you managed to be so outstanding. I remember you saying your secondary school might not be the best and popular school, but it does produce students with high self-esteem. I guess it’s true. You’ll have a bright future. The leader of tomorrow!

To Kent:
I guess you’ve realized that we haven’t been keeping in touch for long. In fact, we haven’t been talking for weeks! You even ignored my text! (wtfreak?) For thrice at least. So much for thinking that you’ve changed your number. I even asked Joelyn to test if your phone is alright (yea, it was me who asked her to tell you about the class gathering), and surprisingly you replied her. Oh well, friends come and go. You won’t be in the same class with me next semester anyway. Or, let’s not put it in such a depressing way. I do appreciate you as a good friend for those few months. You’re such a Jap-Kor-L freak who freaks me out! Despite you being nerdy (recently), you can be fun at times. Ever notice who is the guy in our class who was always being surrounded by his girl classmates? But please don’t tell a girl all the time that you’re charismatic. It could get really irritating. Thank you for taking care of my laptop during those days. That’s a point which makes me consider whether you deserve being labelled as a “gentleman”. And for accompanying me to certain places especially Sunway (remember the time when you nearly became the pick-pocket victim? LOL.) And ya, thanks a lot for helping me with my math! You’re born the emo genius! (And I’m actually typing this the night before our Math exam) By the way, I have to admit to you that I’ve opened your inbox and invaded all your privacy during those few months! Oops. But I think you’ve more or less realized that=x

To JK:
Unlike what you thought, I did not get mad for what you wrote in the Friendster Group. (I wouldn’t be here if I have Amber Chia’s looks) Your words are insulting most of the time, but I’ve got used to it. They meant no harm after all. 4months should be long enough for me to gain an understanding into our class rep’s personality. However, I think you look so much more “macho” when you don’t insult me. Remember the time in RapidKL, which you called the “terrible experience” just because I was laughing all the way? I didn’t mean to make fun of the way you were swaying here and there. I was just thinking how blessed we were to have a never-boring class rep, the extremely peculiar one, who was always the central of attraction and the limelight of Boston! Just the way you stand in the bus can make me LOL, what’s more those days when you did your own work instead of listening to Ms. Asma (and shuddered at her so-passionate “i-love-you-JK”), the time when you appeared “headless” in my camera, the terrifying Lincoln tour during which you walked straight onto the glass, and our many many fights especially when we were in the same group (after which I tried my best not to stay in the same group as you). I guess by now you should know that I was the culprit who nominated you as the class rep XD

To Chun How:
Even though I’ve known you since secondary school, but it wasn’t until this year that I had the opportunity to be in the same class as you. I used to think that you’re a total nerd, but who knew that you actually have a little sense of humour? The first few weeks of being your classmate had somehow changed my view towards you. But one thing that would never change is, you’re still the “professor”. Now everyone calls you “professor” and soon forgetting your real name. I was fortunate enough to be your group member for certain project. Frankly, you wouldn’t know how much I admire your diligence! We just threw everything to you and you would finish it in no time! And meanwhile of dealing with all the projects, you’re always able to maintain your good scores! Really a professor=P I’m puzzled why you chose to retake SAT1. You knew that you would score well enough. And you did score well enough! Whenever we invite you for gathering, there’s a very big percentage that you would turn u down X( C’mon, join in the fun! Life is not all about studying! I’ve been wondering why you and Kent did not show up at KFC for our class party. It’s really sad that anyone would ever skip our very last gathering. We won’t be in the same class next sem, and soon you’ll probably be flying. But the point is, I’ve known you quite well during those few months.

To Foong Yi:
Cute isn’t the only word to describe you. You’re kind-hearted and loving as well! Last night I was like OMG! when you gave so much money to the beggar. No, I can never and will never do that X( Even though I dislike the thought of you feeding the annoying kitten with milk, I really admire your love for animals. I don’t think I can ever be like you. You’re just like those girls in the fairy tales! And you know what, they always end up marrying their prince and live happily ever after! I remember you saying that your wish is to marry a prince. Don’t worry, a good girl like you will surely find your prince charming in the future. However, sometimes I feel that your passion for animals is too extreme. We don’t have to feel pity killing a cockroach that runs around our house!!! What’s more, you can be really innocent at times. Not to say it’s a bad thing, but as long as you don’t get cheated or manipulated by others, it should be fine. Who knows, we might be in the same class next year? Even if we are not, you’re just staying a few stairs below! So near, we’re still able to keep in touch!

To Sanddy:
Gosh 174cm you’re so tall! It’s so unfair that I’m 10cm shorter than you!!! You even managed to enter that beauty pageant contest! X( I’m quite amazed when you told me that you eat 2eggs for breakfast every morning! I would have puked at the sight of eggs if I were to do that! That explains why you’re tall while I’m not. We’ve been quite close recently, going out together and telling each other stories. You’re probably the first girl who here who told me about past relationship story. I always love hearing people’s romance stories you know? Thanks to my kepo-ness. So funny when you commented about his height! XD Remember that time when we went to Mid Valley and you did the smoky eyes effect? And those ghostly pix that we took! Especially your laughing pix at the KTM? Scary!!! I know you’re really disappointed each time when Prof and freak refused to join our gathering. I’ve been hearing all your complaints. Despite their absence, we’ve always enjoyed our outings since nobody was there to call us “wuliao” when we laughed over stupid stuff. By the way, when are you gonna start your blog? Joelyn and May have got theirs, so the next one shall be you! Since we’ll be separated next year, it’ll be good if you have one that can update us about your life. You can even name it the-laughing-lady-blogspot!

To Joelyn:
We’re actually quite fated. Same group for JPA meeting, now same class! I remember hearing you, May and Siok Shen talking about “somebody” during the MMS. I joint in and started bad-mouthing about him! I still remember where we were sitting that day, at the side of the great hall! You’re always laughing. Forever laughing. (I hope you won’t be laughing when you read this) I really enjoy spending time with you cause I would be laughing all the time also. Have been exercising my facial muscle a lot ever since we started hanging out together. I really admire your artistic talent! I love the Boston-ians masterpiece especially! We can even differentiate who is who. By the first sight, I’ve already spotted myself. I wish I could buy it from you and hang it on my wall. I enjoyed the stay over at you and Sanddy’s place. It didn’t feel that bad sleeping on the floor. After all, we’re keen on doing crazy stuff! I think I’ve been quite attached to you girls. I hope we’ll still get to hang out together after this.

To May:
I know you wanna remind me again that it’s Mei Yueh, not May! But still, I would prefer May. Or your other nicknames like Bruce and Shark XD hmm, another great artist from Boston! And you even brought your poster colour here! I didn’t really wish that I could draw like you, knowing that I have no such talent, but I’ve always wish that I could write like you! Admit it, you’re good in writing! What’s your secret method? Read more? Yes, that must be it! I see you holding TheStar everyday! And there was once when I found Newsweek on your table. I read chic lit. *shame shame* Remember the time when you were running away from the swing and I happened to snap the hilarious sight? It was really an enjoyable night! Our excuse was to celebrate raya when all we did was running around with fireworks! So you’re the head prefect standing on the bench playing with lighted sticks! LOL. Funny that you were the one who asked me to cell group. (thought it was supposed to be me asking you there) If it weren’t you, I wouldn’t have known that there’s a chicken hair guy in our school! Don’t forget to ajak me there again next year ya!

To CJ:
I was so bad for calling you Yang Sissy! But now to think about it, a sissy wouldn’t go on a date with a girl! It’s really your misfortune for being caught red-handed by me! But really, I understand, you don’t have to text me intentionally to explain the relationship. Because I don’t care and I only care what I saw! XD Poor boy, you must be having sleepless night fearing that your “CJ Spotted Dating” pix would appear here. You can always make a deal with the paparazzi you know? And so much for pretending to be my pen pal David Tao! Gawd, that was really unexpected. I didn’t know the culprit could be someone from our class. Although you’ve successfully made me a fool, the idea of you being that “David Tao” is still quite acceptable. It could have been from someone worse! Oh, thanks for walking me to the bus station that morning. I’m not sure if you have the least memory about this, but usually I don’t take people’s help for granted. See, I remember it well till today!

To Ben:
The first time I heard your name, I was like, what? Pengsan??? LOL. Forgive me for always making fun with people’s name. We were in the same group during the MMS week, which means that I’ve known you slightly longer than I’ve known some of the others. But we don’t talk much! Or more precise, we don’t talk at all. Because we have nothing to talk about. Okay, that sounds so bad. I was actually quite surprised that you play DoTA! But I guess almost every guy does. After all, don’t judge a book by its cover! One thing I can remember about you is you tend to sigh every other second. You sigh during class, you sigh during exam, and you even sigh during a car journey! I was like, what on earth is wrong with this guy??? I figured you must have been pushing yourself too hard. Gosh, don’t be so stressed-up! Why think about those burdens all the time? I think you should learn to release your pressure and enjoy yourself better. Trust me, we are least attracted to gloomy boys and worry warts!

To Sabrina:
The one who sleeps in class the most! Gawd, you actually dozed off infronta the lecturer! And not only once! I don’t even have the guts to do that. I wonder is it that you hit the bed late every night or that you need longer sleeping hours than others? You do have a loud voice! The other day I went to Cemara, I stood at the lowest ground and could hear you noise coming from the 5th floor! Anyway, so far you haven’t join in any of our gathering. I actually thought you were that sort who would throw yourself at any party that we organized! But I was wrong X( While we were having a good time fooling around, you had been burying your head in your SAT practices! That explained why you got such high score! Gee, I didn’t know anyone who could even get 700 for Critical Reading, and yet you. . . Are you a goddess or something?

To Li Xuan:
Another goddess! I heard that you gave up on applying Ivy League cause you didn’t manage to achieve 1300 for the practice tests, but you scored so well for the actual SAT! The reward for being diligent. In such a short time you could improve your result so tremendously! Yea, being diligent is really good, but you should join us more often! The KLCC trip. The mooncake festival celebration. You skipped them all! What’s more, I hardly hear your voice in class. Hmm, too quiet. I know your vice is really soft (and sweet) cause you’re born like that. But c’mon, make some noise! Don’t just speak to your book. Talk to us! Being too quiet will do you no good=)

To Chia Chyuan:
I think I’ve got quite used to calling you “jia chuan” in Chinese instead of “jia quan”. We girls think you’re all nerdy berdy cause you always turned us down when we invited you for outings, even for lunch! But the fact is, you’re actually quite well-rounded! You score high grades, you play Frisbee, you take part in Toastmaster. . . And you bowl so well! Kept striking that I had to salute your skill. Do you want to know what was the conclusion we girls wanted to tell you the other day? You were so enthusiastic to know but we were being so naughty for refusing to tell you. So, let me just quote our conversation that night. “Who do you think is the best looking Chinese boy in our class?” “Hmm, I think it’s Chia Chyuan lor.” “Is it? I also think it’s him leh!” “How about you?” “Ya, I agree.” “Same!” The four girls were me, Sanddy, May and Joelyn. The next day, we decided to ask Foong Yi the same question. And guess what? She gave the same answer! Yes, we all agree that you’re the best looking Chinese male in Boston. Happy? XD It’s kinda late to tell you now, or else you would have treated us a meal for that very satisfying answer right?

To Aida:
The princess who is always surrounded by the bodyguards at the back row. No kidding, you really look like a princess the day we had our class party at KFC! Even during normal days, you dress up fashionably! I love all your blouses and dresses and can’t wait to see more! When I visited your place (which was just opposite my hostel room), I was attracted by your board which was full of pictures! Even your calculator was pasted all over with neoprints! I love that fabfrickentastic style! You looked so cool bowling in your long skirt! I think I would probably step on my own skirt and roll towards the pins together with the ball if I were to do that! Keep rawking and keep up the cool style!

To Syafiq:
Cberry the fabulous! Aww, I didn’t know that you call yourself bitch until I discovered your blog! I think you make the perfect future BryanBoy! (seeing that he’s already your top favourite now) We girls are amazed by your pose in photos. You know, the one with your palm supporting your chin? I wouldn’t forget your dream of becoming a part time model! I think you’ll probably make a perfect one! I like your bag and your hat! I’m still keeping the pic of you in the hat with your seducing expression! Always see you around with Aida. You two are like the best pals ever! Don’t mind me asking, are you straight or gay?

To Zul:
Tell me why you’re always the first person I see every morning before entering class? You’re forever standing at the balcony and gazing at whichever direction. Eugene girl or whoever, I didn’t quite bother to find out. I was disgusted by your lick-the-lollipop look. And stop thinking that I’m as dirty minded as you! Your thumbdrive was probably infected because of your downloading porn! Ahh, I wonder why you were always trying to play tricks on me or make a fool out of me. Gee. Thank God you’ve stopped recently and paid more attention on FY instead=P

To Kamal:
Being in the same radio drama group as you, I realized that your English is actually good. See, you can speak so well. With the right pronunciations. That was also a chance for me to get to know you. Or else I wouldn’t even bother to talk to you in regular days, when I didn’t know you as “Kamal” but as one of the people sitting at the back row. The girls think that you’re the best looking Malay male in our class. They said you looked cute during the mooncake festival celebration, when you didn’t gel your hair! Ehemm, feeling flattered?

To Alhafidz:
You drive to college! Should have been a gentleman by offering to drive we girls what! Then you can dump you buddies behind and let them find their own mamak XD You’re from Subang right! See, at least I know a little about my classmate. I know you love stripes! Always see you wearing stripey shirts. We even happened to be wearing the similar zebra clothes twice! Apart from that, I think we hardly spoke to each other. Anyway, don’t give up your style, cause I adore stripes too!

To Qam:
At first I was wondering what “com”? Like the copykate.blogspot.COM or what? So Qam can actually be pronounced as Com! I see I see. You’re so skinny! I think I’m heavier than you! You mentioned something about your mum working for TV or Magazine stuff or something? Mass media thingy. That sounds really cool! There was a pic where you look cool also. The one I took for you, Kamal and Alhafidz during the mooncake festival party? So pattern!

To Adib:
The 2nd person who falls asleep in class the most after Sabrina! I think I’m quite used to the lecturer asking whether you would like to go wash your face in the toilet. There was once when you were sleeping so soundly that the whole class including the lecturer were staring at you! I was like, LOL, how did you do that! XD Besides, whenever we start discussing about you, your whole face would turn as red as a tomato! No kidding, it’s not just pink but red! Your face totally gave way to your emotions! There were times when I couldn’t help but point at you and shouted, “Look, his face turns red!!!”

To Albert:
Guess what? One of my friends didn’t know your name so she said “the orang asli from your class”. And the next moment I was laughing my ass off! Perhaps she associates those minor races especially those from East Malaysia as orang asli. I like your poem reciting. So creative to have come up with such a poem! Really amused the class! Since you have such talent, you should make one poem for me!

To Fuad:
Fuad the kuat XD You’re the only guy sitting at the girls row! It must have felt really good huh? Gosh, your math is superb! It made me wonder, “How come all the people who do well in Math are weirdos?” Hmm, you’re not exactly a weirdo. Just too quiet that it turns freaky. One thing I remember clearly about you is you gaze at the ceiling each time you are presenting something in front. And you have the same keychain as me! The green t-shirt one! Except that the names on them are different. When I saw it, I was puzzled why you would ever steal my hostel key! Anyway, green rockz!

I guess that’s all? You don’t wanna know how long I spent on this endless post! Hope all of you will happen to drop by copykate blogspot and read the comment I’ve written for each and everyone of you. And always remember me as the fun and loving Kate! <3


エル said...

i know i've been aloof..
for ignoring ur text.. it's bcoz u texted me at the wrong time.. =.=
if it's not i was sleeping, den it's bcoz other ppls texted me after u..
i tend to reply only the latest sms.. lol
haha.. i've been surrounded by girls since longtime ago XD
well if it's the thing i can help n it suits my mood, i'll help ^^
lol.. sure i realized.. i juz didnt care since there's ntg to be shame of..
well then.. good luck for next sem..

Copykate said...

those are just excuses=)

Anonymous said...

Remember you? Are you leaving or what? :P

Anonymous said...

=) I'm feeling nostalgic Kate. Can't believe I actually became crazy here in INTEC... considering my past. =p But I guess that's what happens when you're so binded by rules. (Oh.. believe me, I HATE rules, they're meant to be bent)

Happy holidays!

Yuinyi said...

omg kate thanks a lot! I mean, seriously I had fun too.

And one thing Kate, I think I really have to admit this. I am very sorry but, you know what, I used to not like you in the beginning of the sem. But as we got to know each other, i started to have a different view of you! Yea, never judge a book by its cover!!

I'm sure we'll hang out more often after this. =)

Take care and happy holidays Kate!

maggiesedapgiler said... pendrive is now free of viruses! and FREE OR PORN and never had PORN inside it!! ish3..

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do feel that we are quite close lately and I'm happy with it :-D
Tell u something, I really enjoy your company n our outing 2gether. I still remember dat day when so few ppl r joining our last gathering that I do not hav the mood to go but you managed to trigger my mood to join you all eventually. Hmm...I like u! U've something I really longed 4. Hmmm... mb it's your courage to voice out what you think and do things your way without worrying about how ppl think abt you.
Haha... abt the relationship story, dunno y but I think it's ok 2 let u knw coz something tells me dat u'll not write it in ur blog. *giggle* V're juz exchanging our past relationship stories right?
Blog? Certainly. I've also been "infected" by ur "Blogging Syndrome" and I'm planning to hav a blog SOON.
Yeah, n I'm really looking foward in our outing 2 Melaka n Muar wif Joelyn, Mei Yueh n YOU in Dec!!! =D

Copykate said...

anon, of coz not. it's juz that we'll all be separated soon =P

Copykate said...

bruce, that reminds me of my shirt: rules don't apply to me.

yea i feel really proud that a head prefect can be so crazy with us! XD

Copykate said...

omg joelyn u hated me! X((((((((

no way! i'm sure u'd love me by now. we'll hang out more often for sure!

Copykate said...

zul so u always direct download it into ur laptop? LOL

Copykate said...

i heart you sanddy! sometimes i feel that we have similar personalities. and we definitely rock! <3

yea i hope the trip will still go on!

Pison The Great said...

Dear kate...

Thx for ur comments bout me. Actually, I wnted 2 ask bout ur 1st impresson of me b4 d sem ends, but it seems dat the exams took our time away, eh? Hehehe...

Oso thx to u, dat I stat bloggin, n takin pic evrwer. Hehehe...

U'r one o d most sportin girls in boston (in fact, omost evr1 s!!)

Luv ya!!!


P/s: hope u dun mind answerin dis; why my commnt s d 1st?

Copykate said...

so are you, the most sporting bostonian!

if u wanna know, i wrote whoever that appeared in my mind. so u juz happened to be the first! wanted to rearrange the sequence but i tot i sud juz leave it that way=)

Anonymous said...

lucky for me those bodyguards are free! want some? ahaha... just joking, guys.

thx fr the comments abt me. but i think nxt sem ill tone down abit. im running out of clothes. haha.

we've nvr hang out together so i undrstnd why ur comments abt me are just abt my appearances. maybe we cud go out smday wif the othr boston girls (provided ya'll dont speak chinese among each other. seriously its annoying!)

i read ur past blog abt our class gathering. i noe how u feel abt that girl. she played wif my hair when i was choosing the bowling ball n ran past by me all of a sudden. ahaha.. but anyway, i hope u can cope wif all those nasty comments. i heard many rumors abt me frm sum fcuking idiots in intec. sum evn purposely wnt me to hear them. so chill... ignore them and soon they'll forget abt it. =)

i admire your spirit, girl! <33

leeern said...

Very truthful. Ur d kind of girl ppl tend to dislike but cant do it cos U rock!! open-minded, cheerful etc. X)
xiaxue's descendant? Lolz..

Ur blog is entertaining. Those who read you discuss abt ur blog frequently. In a good way =D


Copykate said...

aida, i'm running out of clothes too! but i'm getting new outfits this holiday! XD

yea, those comments freaked me out. but i guess i'm used to it already.

i admire your coolness! <3

Copykate said...

ching ern! wow, am i that good? *flattered*

ppl think i'm so xiaxue wannabe but i'm not even copying her! in fact, i dun even read her blog. once in every 2months maybe.

i tot they discuss abt my blog in a bad way? LOL

syafiq.cberry said...

bryanboy? i cud never challenge the lord of fabulousness..

haha.. u act did all these comments the night before math test?
math genius much?

n abt dat question.. im not gonna answer.. i wan to leave u forever wondering for the answer..


Copykate said...

nah, i only did a few of them on that night. the rest was after our last paper XD

ahh, how could u keep me in wonders! X(