Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Retarded Show

Introducing Amir's Retarded Show!

There was this entry entitled "Stupid Story" in his blog. You should have seen my expression when I read it! I was like, what the. . . OMGGGG! WTFreak is this? #$%^&* Then I LMAO XD

I know this is his copyright. I'm the copykate. Let me just copy and paste it for you. It goes like this:

Disclaimer: This is a bit of an inside story (joke), so I don't expect everyone to understand what the fuck this whole post is all about.

Hahaha... Let me tell you guys and girls a stupid story. Once upon a time there was this kononnya hot looking girl. We shall call her 'Das Modell'. Das Modell runs a little internet blog and one day she feels like bitching about this other female, who we shall call, square-headed-female-footballer (SHFF). So bitched she did.

It was all funny and shit UNTIL!!! she realizes that the person that she's bitching about (square-headed-female-footballer) has a big fucking mouth and can be the kind of bitch that says "Dont mess with me bitch!!!". Hahaha, you get what I mean?

The square-headed-female-footballer got angry so she took a knife and killed Das Modell.

Then out of no where there was this cute handsome guy wearing a white jacket. His name was SoS. (Son of S..)

After that there was this suicidal dude. He shot himself in his room.

The End...

(Why the hot girl look so much like me one? XD)

Cute eh? Wow, he's quite a good artist!
I hope you enjoyed the story? There're more interesting ones in his site! You should take a visit! It's one of my favourite clicks! <3
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for his new post. It seems like his blog has been dead lately.
Do update us with your fabulous entries!


JuDy said...

Lol.That's one of my favourite entries from amir's blog. =))

Copykate said...

the dick head one was funny XD

Anonymous said...

Good job amir!