Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MC for OC

Please be informed that Kate had fallen sick on Monday due to the overdose of mamak and pasar malam food which battled in her little stomach.
I felt so embarrassed of my bloated tummy. With that size, I could have been pregnant! Oh well, even though it appears big everyday. The doctress gave me so many medicine!

(Oh ya, I skipped OC (Oral Communication) class. Got the MC! XD)
This one, doesn't look nice. Probably tastes like barf.
The salt doesn't look that bad!
Try a bit lah.
Hey, not bad! Got a little orange flavour XD
Let Miss Kate teach you where to head off after you leave the clinic. Not school and definitely not home! McD!!! Especially within 3-6pm when they offer McRinggit Savers! Woohoo!!! 2 Mc Pies for RM3, isn't that filthy dirt cheap?! That's why, you should see your doctor at the right time.
Stop looking! They're empty. Cause I've finished them all XD
Banana Pie I adore. (I prefer Apple Pie though=P)
I think I need to try the medicine which seems so colourful! I've never eaten such pills before!
Who said you can't take photograph when you're sick?
Being sick does not mean you have to stay on bed all day long! (although I've hibernated so long that I missed my dinner)
Being sick does not mean you have to look pale! (although I looked ugly)
Being sick does not mean you must eat your medicine! (although I tried some of the colourful pills)
Anyway, I'm feeling very energetic now! All fine and healthy! Do wait for my next entry. It shall be posted in no time!
Until I charge my precious digicam=)

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