Sunday, October 14, 2007

Queen Whining

The other day I was in a car with this pair of couple (yea, it was weird sitting behind as the third person). We were on the way to somewhere far (I’m-not-gonna-tell-you-where-probably-thailand) in the middle of the night. So this little boyfriend was driving quite recklessly (with good skill) and picked up the phone occasionally. It happened that the girlfriend was jealous of him for keep talking on the phone so she said, “Go to one place also so susah! They keep calling you for what?!” Little boyfriend answered her patiently that his friends don’t know the way so they had to keep calling him. She wasn’t very happy with the answer, so she said, “Don’t care about them lah!” But he just shrugged it off and still answered their calls later on =P

The night was dark. The road was narrow. The way to our destination wasn’t that pleasant. He missed the turn every now and then, not able to see the signboard clearly. The girlfriend wasn’t too pleased about it. “You know how to drive one or not?! So stupid lah!” He was such a gentleman for he did not argue with her. Instead, he apologized with the “cool-down-my-dear” tone: “Sorry lahhh=P” It kinda worked on the whining queen! She asked me whether she was complaining too much and what if he ask her to get down the car and walk there instead. He jokingly asked her to go down. So she opened the door! (when the car was stopping, of course) “Hey, close the door! Don’t be crazy!” He closed it for her. “I where will ask you to walk (direct translate it). Later how to tell your parents?” (actually tak sampai hati XD) She stuck out her tongue and made a funny face (I dunno how I could see it since I was sitting behind, or perhaps it was my imagination)

The journey wasn’t short. We drove through all sorts of pavements during which we encountered bumps here and there. As I said, he was a reckless driver who wouldn’t slow down even while passing through bumps. Then there was a really big bump and wooh! I thought I could have jumped up and hit the roof! This time the girlfriend was frustrated: “Walao! What’s wrong with you leh!!!” Later on she went all quiet and refused to say a word (deliberately). The boyfriend just laughed at his own stupidity and apologized for his mistakes. Then he looked at her (very smart hor don’t need to look infront while driving) and dunno what he was whispering or hinting their love signal whatever couple stuff I dunno or I don’t wish to know. Surprisingly she was okay again. One moment she was angry, the next second she was happy. Gee. What is that? The miraculous power of love?

The couple was unofficial. They just wouldn’t admit that they are fond of each other, though everybody knows what’s going on. Probably because someone has strict parents or more likely, someone is leaving the country. (sheesh, that’s a very obvious hint *wink*) Please lah, I’m not saying myself! Remember I told you I was the third party sitting behind? Watching their behaviours, it reminded me of myself though. She and I have such similar personalities! The situation was almost the same when I was with my ex. Every time he took a wrong turn or whatever, I would start grumbling and scolding him. I know it sounds really childish and silly, but I didn’t know that time. I bet she doesn’t know what she was doing too. Sometimes we need a mirror to reflect our own doings, isn’t that true? The only big difference is the reaction from my ex compared with that from her little boyfriend. No, he did not apologize or say things that would make me happy. He pulled a long face to show that he was unhappy! Funny that he was always the one who went all quiet. Then he would say it was my fault for making so much noise! Gee. If you let me turn back the clock, I would have slapped him before I got down from the car k! Want to be my boyfriend but cannot put up with my temper ah? I’m a princess you dunno is it? Not like you dunno. I don’t think you fit to be my prince lah. You see people’s boyfriend so good one never complain also. Can’t stand your ego lah stupid. You think you very man meh? Every time like that so angry one. Then always make me lose face infronta my friends. Idiot. Your friends say you’re handsome then go marry them lah. I think my dad is more handsome lor.

Sorry, I think I’m whining too much. Oh no, don’t get me wrong that I wasn’t over my ex! Did I tell you that I stupidly broke up with him the day before he wanted to gimme the diamond ring? Hmm, maybe not ring but necklace. Or maybe it was ring and necklace. I’m still dreaming about it, you know? So expensive elegant diamond! Women’s best friend the diamond! And I let it slip off my hand! I think I don’t miss him but miss the diamond XD Should have waited 2more days before kicking him off ma! LOL just kidding. I’m not a vain and materialistic vixen. I know he’s gonna give it to his next girlfriend!!! You freaking biatch don’t you dare put on my diamond!!! Aha do I sound like a pathetic childish girl who was dumped by her ex and still can’t get over it? I’m not like that lah. He can give it to his mistress for all I care!

Stupid. Too much digression. Trust me, I didn’t mean to start bitching about that fella (I don’t think I should call him a jerk just because he couldn’t bear with my temper). The whole point of this post is just to tell that Queen Whining how much she should appreciate her little boyfriend. After all, not every man (boy) can put up with our temper. You are the happiest and luckiest woman (girl) in the world! You’ve got the most gentle and patient boyfriend! Stop throwing tantrums if you can! Although I don’t think I myself can stop.

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