Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire Flowers

A visit to Sanddy and Joelyn's room! It's on the 5th floor and I had a hard time climbing all the way up. I wonder how they managed to survive for the past few months, having to climb that several times a day. Maybe I should do it too so that I can burn up the extra fats on my hips XD

Joelyn's messy table- I like!

Darling, look who's here?

Kate loves Jay. *smooch*

There's no other place other than Cemara balcony where you can spot lengzai walking past. However, the percentage that you'll spot one is 0.05%, meaning that for every twenty guys who walk by, only one is considered good-looking. Sometimes they don't even reach the level of good-looking, but just okay-looking, slightly above the CETNI average standard. As for the others, they're either too short, too fat or too ugly. Whenever you spot a cute guy from the top, remember to shout his name! If you dunno his name, then simply shout "hey handsome!", I bet all the shortties and fatties and fuglies will look up and wave at you.

Swing swing I love! I haven't been playing this for long! It reminds me of Tanjung. Gotta visit there since i'm already back in Muar!

Look, that fella is running his ass off! Who is it? And why was he running away? Did he get scare off by the lady laughing?

No hunks passing by. That made the "emo us".

What do you call "bunga api" in English? It's not fireworks. It's "fire flowers"! XD

Look at the little fishy!

How could I miss such fun? After all I'm a kid at heart ^^

Be imaginative.

I'm the super power girl! XD

Is she trying to steal my honourable throne? X(

She even let out her little dragon to fight me off!

The 3 sampat girls. Want to show off your fire flowers also don't have to stand on the bench what! Wait, are they actually dancing on the bench??? LOL.

Let's burn the last ones together! I dunno why but I like this picture.

Here it comes! Woohoo!

Go go fire flowers! Yehaaa!

And finally, the little dino was hatched. We shall keep it as our pet to fight our enemies off!

Love ya girls! I enjoyed the running around with fire flowers! It certainly felt like a child again.
We've had loads of fun! <3


Anonymous said...

HAHAH omg LMAO!! It's so funny!

"If you dunno his name, then simply shout "hey handsome!", I bet all the shortties and fatties and fuglies will look up and wave at you."

Hahah gosh.. So funny! You even posted the one she ran away from the swing! Why is it a 'he'? And i din noticed 'the laughing woman'!!

It was a wonderful night! Next time we'll visit Kate's room!

Copykate said...

i can imagine u laughing. please make sure u dun fall off the balcony XD

she looks like a guy in that pic. so it's a "he"! besides, i think of may as ur son instead of ur daughter. maybe i'm trying to be the son-in-law. LOL.

the laughing lady was both scary and amusing! i could have rolled on the floor! gawd, she's gonna haunt me at night!!!

ahh, do visit my room. i might have to decorate it for the arrival of your highness XD

Anonymous said...

OMG Kate.. I almost fall off from my comp chair. XD I didn't notice that she was laughing like mad in the pic.... And my gender seems to be an ambiguity now... =p

Anonymous said...

Haha i'm still laughing about it..

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Wat laughing body?! *Grr*
Yeah!! I'm gonna haunt u 2nite. Beware...
Anyway, v really had lots of fun dat nite...
N... de application 4 our son/daughter in law is open now... Since u'd edy offended me, I dunno how high is ur chance edy...

Copykate said...

shark, i din notice it until i transfered the pix! it was really scary! and funny!!! LOL XD LMAO!!!

it's cool to have two genders. LOL

Copykate said...

u sud stop laughing, joelyn. whenever u laugh, we will follow. (except those who would only say "ni men hen wu liao" or "wo hen emo")

i know u can't stop XD

Copykate said...

laughing lady, not body!

why izt son/daughter in law? u only have 1 son! i dun hv to apply, do i? u need to send me an invitation! XD

Anonymous said...

haha yeah those who say 'ni men hen wu liao' and 'wo hen emo' just have no sense of humour. They'd surely say, 'i dun see whats so funny'


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Kate wants me? =p Oh papa mama.. wat have u done?? =p LOL!!!

エル said...

'ni men hen wu liao' and 'wo hen emo' =.=

Anonymous said...

hahahah! Oh gosh! LOL!!!

Copykate said...

wtfreak the wuliao emo fella saw the comments!!! LOL LMAO XD

Copykate said...

since when u adore shark? tot it's supposed to be bruce?

ur papa mama gonna spare me a place in the family tree! do ask me when u're taking family portrait. (not to be ur photographer k! XD)