Sunday, October 14, 2007

How To Be More Like Kate

Now you guess what it is all about? Man, I’ve known him for so long but it was not until today that I discovered he actually understands Chinese! Wtfreak! He never told me that! Not only can he write, but he can speak too! OMG he got me dumbfounded! I was like. . . Who taught you those Chinese words??? It’s amazing, don’t you think? I can’t imagine him the angmoh speaking Chinese! Yes, it’s really 疯狂的! This is crazy, Dak!

Now what? It’s Dakota’s guide on “How to Be More Like Kate”!

My new title is “CK” huh? You look freaking retarded here! Talking about popularity, I still lose to you lah! Dakotaism is beyond greater than Copykate! <3>
Dakota the manorexic is the super cam-whore! You look really crap without your hair done! Don’t praise me hon, you know I’ll get really proud alright. So flattering. Woah they’re all copying Kate! What’s with the camera? You’re copying me also!!! XD
This one really made me laughed my ass off!!! Omigosh you’re such a clown!!! Why must you always make me laugh? I can’t imagine anyone who would ever do that! I thought about it while eating and I nearly spewed out my food! Make sure you don’t stare at this while eating otherwise you’ll choke! Soooooooooooooooo funny with the “make-up”!!! LMAO XD!!!
OMG thank you for those pix! I love you a lot a lot Dak! It’s so nice of you!
Together we rulez! <3


MikeM said...

keep bloggin kate... y would let others affect ur passion leh? more camho, more updates... blogosphere rulez!

Copykate said...

thanks for ur support, mike!

i know, maybe i shouldn't think too much about others' views. i'm thinking of getting a wordpress though.

but for the time being i will keep updating my little bloggie! XD