Sunday, October 14, 2007

1st Visit to Oasis Bay

Hello. Hor-cam! My shirt is so Dorothy! XD

Today I went to Dak's blog and saw his late night ice-cream. Gee. He made me crave for a cone! I got myself one and here are some pix!
(warning: do not scroll down if you detest self-obsession!)

Choc Dip from Dairy King.
Gimme a close-up! XD

Ugly I know.

Forgive me for licking in public. I had to do so cause it was dripping.
How many people actually peel off their choc top?
I don't care if you say I look extremely ugly or my teeth looks really big, I'm just gonna post this pic =P
Often end up in a mess while eating ice-cream.

It's finishing. How sad X(

So, when are you treating me Baskin Robbins?

LOL. I have more of them pix in my pc! Don't bother those, they're just some failed attempts. (eat an ice-cream only what, why so susah?) (eat ice-cream oso need to take 30 over pix! never eat b4 izt???) It's easier to cam-whore with an object lah!!! XD

Anyway, we went to Oasis Bay-the Saturday romantic hang out. It's really a nice place located somewhere at Bkt. Pasir. The journey was long but definitely worthwhile.

Nono, they weren't actually holding hands! Don't be deceived by my camera! LOL.

But I can assure you that he was massaging his belly.
Kate and Kim. You see, soon I'll be fatter than her.

Love is in the air. LMAO XD

These 2 fella acting cute je! Eeeeee. . .

I just wanna show Katie her greedy hubby. But it happened that someone was laughing with his mouth widely opened. Oops XD

We love coconuts. (Siamese coconuts are better though)

Was just trying to see if I fit to be the 3rd party=)

As for this. . . I thought I could have been their guardian! Do find me when you're getting married.

Hmm, nope, I wasn't sitting on his lap! And I'm not posting the one with his tongue sticking out =P

That's all. The next time we visit there, make sure you guys order steamboat instead of Asam Fish.
Love <3

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Anonymous said...

Aiyo! The top pic is terrible la......
U look so FAT!