Friday, October 12, 2007

Pete's Shops

Enough on the Mikki & Mouse already! I’m not gonna reply anymore of your freaking comments! I don’t have any family problems, you idiot!

I’ve been quite occupied these 2days you see. I wasn’t busy blogging (just to tell Jess=P), rather, I was busy looking out for cute guys! XD LOL just kidding lah. Think I’m so desperado meh? (Yes, you are.) Whatever X(

You have to believe me this, Muar does have a lot a lot of lengzai when compared to CETNI! It’s almost like a paradise! Although some of them might be too ah-beng, but for 10guys you spot here, 9 of them are better-looking than those at the place back there. I almost had the urge to tell them how good-looking they are. I can’t help! I love complimenting people (and bitching about them?). To add to my fortune, it’s school holiday now so many teens are working in The Store. Oh well, they’re my juniors, but some of them are same age with me. Among them there was this handsome boy whom I thought familiar. Yes, I’ve seen him somewhere! In face I’m pretty sure that I know him! Ahh, I just can’t seem to remember! One thing I was sure, he was checking me out! I knew it when he came and passed by the shop. And he gave me a really stunning look! (dude, I like that!)

I used to come across many people during my schooldays. Since I attended activities, functions, whatsoever quite often, there’s hardly anyone in town whom I dunno. Or, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know me? Hey, I wasn’t well-known for nothing! People go to dad’s shop and say, “Hey, I know your daughter!” The second line would be: “She’s from Convent.” Next, “She’s damn smart!!!” LOL. I’m flattered. I am NOT that smart. Some people told dad how they wished they were his daughter. Of course, who would give up the opportunity to inherit the Lee Empire and gain access to the latest fashions? (no, my dad doesn’t own the Lee Company and I’m unlikely the heiress.) Another reason is because dad looks cool. Girls are going after him. (jeez. . .) He’s way cooler than CETNI guys. There’s no need for you to argue.

I think one of the very reasons that I prefer Muar guys to CETNI guys is because they check me out occasionally. Not to say that I seek for attention, but how would a girl feel when guys aren’t even interested in raising their heads and admire her beauty? So much for one hour of dressing up and making up. . . When you walk past any CETNI guy, they simply brush past you without even throwing a look. No matter you’re pretty, you’re ugly, you lose a teeth, you wear sexy thongs, you’re the hottest chic or you’re the bad hair geek with braces, you aren’t gonna catch a glimpse from them! They love their books and their MP3 (geeks love wearing earphone) better than they love you.

Here are some pix to keep your eyes open:

The other day the bus was full but they sold 2extra tickets. So these 2 poor girls had to sit on the chairs in the middle. There was even another who was sitting near the staircase! I would have asked for a refund and fled!

How dare Prisci used my camera and took this ugly shot! Gee. I will tell mum that she loves Wei Jie! She’ll be doom! *laugh*

She doesn’t look like me, does she? I asked her not to open her mouth cause her teeth will scare your nuts off XD

This one is creepy.

Say hi to Pete? I think he needs a hair cut. Okay, he looks ugly here. Don’t bother to see!!!

Pete just renovated his shoes shop. I love the new colour! It doesn’t look so dull now. All bright and newly-furnished!

Pete refused to pay my salary so I decided to quit my job as the cashier.

He should have hired me as the model! Use my picture for the wallpaper at least! X(

I’m mad at him! To amend his mistake, he owes me these shoes! Yay, they’re all mine!!! XD

I can see someone’s foot. Yikes.

I also spotted a few new arrival in Pete’s boutique. I said I want the coat!!! Which one should I get? Black or white? He suggested black. What do you think?

This is the white one. I surely look fatter in white.

My legs just aren’t long enough X(

My face is round. I’m uglier than her.

What do you think about this golden sandal? I’m gonna get one pair!

The bald monk. Funny how I used to call him “guang tou he shang” during CNY and all the kids followed me. That was when I got reprimanded by the granny grandpa auntie uncle for not showing a good example. Gee. You should know what ought to do and what ought not to do when you’re the eldest granddaughter. I know the kids will someday acquire my skill of giving people adorable nicknames XD


Anonymous said...

LOL. who says 'CETNI' guys don't check girls out? they just don't check YOU out

Copykate said...

if they don't even check me out, i don't think they wud even check the other girls out.

LOL. juz kidding=P

maybe it's only u. and the very least percents XD