Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm Not a Plastic Bag

I heart you Katie. But of course I love you too, Jessie.
Here I come, especially for my two princesses.
Ahh, my well-planned surprised was ruined. But, touched, weren’t you?

Jess said, “I need a boyfriend.”

Woolala. Me too XD

“Are you that despo?”

Yes! But, no.

That is just so unfair that Katie has one but we don’t!
Prince William is meant for Princess Katie.
That explains his breaking up with Kate? XD

Let me quote this again: We hardly come across any cute guys.
How very pathetic. Such hot girls should have deserved better, dontcha agree?
Wait, let me tell you what, look does matter.
You wouldn’t fall for your boyfriend if he isn’t handsome in the first place.
Oh well, if he isn’t, then he should be at least good-looking!

We want cute guys! We want cool blokes! We want handsome chaps! We want hunks!!!

So we had a night out with the guys. Apparently Kate and Katie were so lovey-dovey that Jess felt left out. Oh, I’m so sorry X( We took photos. And then we were chatting all the way, “oh that fugly. . . ah that woman. . .” Gee, do we sound like we’re bitches? Don’t get me wrong! I don’t call people fugly! I don’t label them as bitches either. Such awful terms X(
If a guy is cute, he’s surely taken.
So when will we ever meet a cute, hot, single and available boy?

I spotted a cute boy that day! American Programme senior. Oh yeah so irresistible! Let’s call him Mikki?
I have his pictures! Yea, pictures of his back. LOL. No, I’m not a stalker! Freak you if you think I am. He was just happened to be walking infronta me and I just happened to be playing with my camera. . . Oh, maybe, not exactly true.

Get me Mikki’s number? Nono, his Friendster will do=P

Jeez, he was having lunch with a girl!!! thou shalt not be named.


I dunno what I’m talking about. It’s all jumbled up. I know I know. I’m just typing out whatever that comes into my mind.

This weekend I’ve got myself a new shirt, a new bag and a new pair of shoes. I love weekends! Look, I’ve managed to snap a few quick shots before my camera ran out of battery. Thought you would like to take a glance at them?

Katie is gonna have something to say again.
“Xin, you look like a doll even without photoshop!”

Yes, your dolly girl loves cam-whoring.

With her new bag especially. Anya Hindmarch’s Limited Edition.

I’m Not a Plastic Bag. I’m a Plastic Girl.

Chipster? My current addict! Nah, I didn’t join the Chipster Moment Contest due to time constrain. What a waste!


jcjessjessiejessica said...

i'm laughing at how hard you held those bags and a camera at the same time. HAHA.

Copykate said...

yes it was indeed hard!

i guess nobody would ever notice my hands if you hadn't mention it.
at least my facial expression was good =P

you should take a pic with urs!

Anonymous said...

your bags are so fake. ouch.

Copykate said...

it's not the limited edition but it's not fake=)