Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Miss Katie

Katie just called from Melbourne. As usual, we had a good talk until the line went off. I always enjoy talking to her! There's always something that we can talk about- her boyfriend, some jerk who said some awful thing to me in MSN, my campus, her college, Jess, Jol Wee, everything. . . No secrets between us! *wink wink*
I miss Katie. I mean, Hui Yi. That sounds more intimate XD
I miss hanging out in her room and having our sweet girls time!
Like this:
That was "The Jessica-Effect". Taken last month when Katie was back. I know I look creepy. Did that deliberately in order to get the effect.
So you can call this a dedication from Copykate to Copykatie?
Babe, still have any doubts on my love towards you? XD


jcjessjessiejessica said...

huiyi's nto fair!!! she hasnt send those pics 2 me! she called me too. and we talked till da line was'snapped off'. same case.

Copykate said...

she din send them to me either. i got them from her friendster. that proves smth: i'm more aware of her updates than u do! which means, i lover her better! XD

yea, she told me that she called u. and u two talked about me being mean to that girl?! X(