Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Steamboat Gathering

Hello, can I start my post with a nice pic of myself? *chuckles*

Just changed my colour contact lens a few days ago. It was supposed to be grey but turned out looking blue! X(

New awesome Vivi heels! Heart fuchsia pink but chose black so it matches my clothes =)

Black and white cute pumps!

It’s quilted! XD

Another plain black pair for casual outings. Unfortunately it hurts my feet so much I could hardly walk straight.

Anyway, I held a small steamboat birthday gathering last Friday. It felt so good to be able to see my old friends again just like those days when everyone was still in Muar and when we had gatherings every single week.

Party balls wtfreak.

Someone bursts my bro’s balloon and attached it to my camera. And everyone got so excited by the sight of it! Jeez. What is wrong with my friends???

These people are really big and loud XD

Me, Wan Yen, Joo Kim, Wan Yung (whom I hadn’t seen for ages!).

Steamboat rocks! I was so busy I actually forgot to take pic of the 2 awesome hot pot X(

Joker Ang.

The ball-liked Garfield! LOL.

Zili the buddy. Tell me I don’t look pregnant -.-

Me trying to look pissed off and William who looks like he had just cried. (he must had been missing you, babe =P)

Neo aka the future cousin-in-law XD

And this is my cousin as mentioned =P

Tip-toeing beside Yaw Theng.

Yee Kiat’s pose reminds me of the Egyptian mummy wtfreak.

A classmate of mine actually thinks that Chia Hui looks old enough to be my dad.

Beng Chun who came back all the way from Perak, hence the latest =P

Joo Kim is flying to Poland dy! Wish her a safe journey and all the best in her further studies.

Pretty sisters =)

Of course, the party could never be good without red wine!

A group pic with the gang. The missing ones, you’d better make it up for me next time! Teehee.

Pics of myself to end the post with:

Oh, please don’t tell me my expressions look all the same!



Katie ♥ said...

Haha, no, he was crying because he saw his ex-gf.

wtf do you think they are more compatible or me and him? :(

i also wanna go cry now :(

Copykate said...

aww don't worry, babe! i think you and him are more compatible. and i said that not because i am your best friend!

besides, you and him have been together for 2 years! =)))

Hayley said...

hello just blog hopping..
u look better smiling with teeth showed.
hehe ;)

Copykate said...

hey there hayley! really? i shall smile with my teeth shown next time then XD

Kwee said...

hey i love your black mary janes! where did you get them from?

Copykate said...

elvira, from my hometown. you want? =P