Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Of Formal Wear

It was a lame ceremony so I refused to even mention about it =P

But the great part was, we wore formal attire! I mean, how many times do you get to see these guys wearing like some office lads? Somehow, I think I’m rather attracted to guys in formal suit. Hiak hiak.

Me and Ben.

Me and Mun Kiat so cute lah!

The girls. Okay, I think we look better in real life.

Me and Mun Kiat again. Did I tell you that we were wearing matching outfit? XD

Guys heart Happy Tree Friends.

Girls heart Happy Tree Friends.

We all heart Happy Tree Friends!

Me and Mun Kiat again ha wtfreak.

Ngek ngek ngek.

Okay I know you’re sick of this.

Baunz (bounce?) Whatever it means. The sexy class rep (sexy my foot).

Someone please tell me I look like an Office Lady instead of an Old Lady =)))


Benjamin Chuah said...

boring scholarship award ceremony >.< wasted all of our time going ish

Copykate said...

boring indeed. ishhh