Thursday, August 7, 2008


The other day, we had a gathering at Hometown Steamboat, located at Genting Klang, the same row as Kenny Roger.

RM13.50 per pax was rather cheap, but it wasn’t a buffet set.

It was rather cool that half of the people among us brought a DSLR each (ish ish I want one too!). So at the end of the session, everyone was busy posing and snapping despite the unnecessary attention we received from other tables.

All of us. Hmm, one guy missing?

Photos credited to Rames and Hiew.

After that, the group had a second round at Oldtown, which I did not manage to join.

Hometown+Oldtown. That made a perfect combination. Teehee.


R said...

yes, the tomyam damn sedap. my bf loves to eat here and the chicken wings too.

Copykate said...

i love the chicken wings there!

oh ya, hometown is so near your house eh!