Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovely New Room

You know what’s the best thing about having your own room? You can bring a guy home every night decorate it whatever way you want without having to discuss with your room mate. What’s more, you can throw your under garment around without fearing that your roomie would see your disgusting blood-stained panties! And most important of all, you have a little haven which secures you from the outside world and enables you to engage in whatever private activities XD

A very untidy corner of my tiny little room. It took me some trouble to think of the arrangement of the furniture. Oh, and that mustard sun-out curtain! How I wish there were other fab colours like, say, pink? There were only mustard and beige left. Both dull colour O.o

I was on top of the world when I accidentally spotted this at Jusco 1U! There wasn’t anymore stock left for pink, but I wanted it so much that I took the display and placed it into my trolley cart. Someone, seeing how enthusiastic and determined I was, had no choice but to help pushing my trolley around 1U shopping mall, with hundreds pairs of eyes throwing him odd stares XD Woots, a pink-worshipper gay???

Butterfly floor mat. Hiak hiak.

Thanks sweetie for that new clock. It changes colours! Gotta love it. Teehee.

My new maroon tee from SEED. Kinda resent buying clothes from such average-neighbourhood-store though. Trust me, it’s never cool bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as you.

The happy me with the ugly out-of-bed hair.

The guy in maroon. That last piece of cat mask man maroon tee from Zara!
So guess who coaxed me into buying that maroon tee?

LOL just kidding. It was a statement tee worth my purchase =)


Katie ♥ said...

Haha we are meant to be together! Soulmates!

I have my bimbo quilt with pictures of clothes on it, I have a pink tissue box, and pink paper lines my makeup box. did i also mention my pink pola dot bowl and cup. and the flowers and hearts on the wall?

hmm i want a pink shelf too!

Katie ♥ said...

*polka dot

Copykate said...

katie neh neh, neh neh neh.


i don't think my room is bimbotic enough. i wish there's a place for me to paste all our bimbo photos! like, a board or something.

i don't have a pink tissue box but disney princess tissue boxes instead. LOL.

i want flowers on the wall too! u promised to send me some! teehee