Thursday, August 21, 2008

Market is Pasar

Going to the market (market, not supermarket!) is the last thing you thought I would do. For what I remember, I’ve only been to the market, or better known as pasar once in my entire life. It was about 10years ago, when I stayed over at grandma’s and told her that I was going to follow her to pasar the next morning, thinking that it might be an interesting place. I still remember the horrifying experience then, when the unbearable stench completely nauseated me. I shuddered at the sight of the fishmonger chopping off the fish’s head, as the mixture of blood and melted ice flowed incessantly down the ugly-looking pail. The worst part was when I entered the butcher place. It was a nightmare seeing beef almost twice bigger than my size being hung around with large metal hooks. And no, that wasn’t really the worst yet. Nothing could terrify a little girl as much as a pig head does.


So today, I went to pasar for the second time in my life! I was supposed to go there at 10 in the morning with my aunt, but heck, by the time I woke up, it was already 11.20! Garn, I forgot to set my alarm! And nobody even cared to wake me up. Hmpf! Looks like everyone was out. Dad was working as usual, mum has gone to Seremban, 1st sis out to work, 2nd sis having extra class in school. The only people who were at home were my younger bro and my maid. Oh, speaking of my maid, she will be leaving on 3rd September! So far we haven’t got a new maid yet, since Hari Raya is approaching and there’s a shortage of Indonesian maid. It makes no difference for me since I’m no longer staying home, but poor sis, she gotta start helping out with the house work!

“Hello, sorry I overslept. Go fetch you now.”

“So late! My baby already woke up.”

Aunt is babysitting a little baby boy. It was a stupid decision considering she already has 3 naughty sons to be taken care of. I was shocked when she brought along my two young cousins along to the car. I mean, 2 little girls to the pasar??? What if they get traumatised by some obscene looking pig head??? What if they feel disgusted by the fishes and vomit right onto my feet? Sigh sigh. Thank goodness everything went on smoothly. We did not come across any pig head. Just some smelly fishes which did not seem to bother them. Heck, my cousins were oblivious to the stench! I mean, they did not even whine and kick up a fuss! I, on the other hand, was trying very hard to avoid stepping on the disgusting water on the floor while balancing myself not to slip and fall.

I bought like 6big plastic bags of steamboat ingredient, including 4packets of my favourite quail eggs! We are having a steamboat party tomorrow night! My only regret was my two babes, Katie and Jess will not be here X( Goodness Jess, what happened to your blog?! *sulks* Tom yam and plain soup. Oh, I might change it to yok choi (herbal soup). Ok this is stupid, talking about soup here. Even though I pamper myself with steamboat meal occasionally in KL, it’s never the same when I do it at home! I can put my legs up the chair and eat, I can burp as loud as I can (maybe not when my friends are here XD), I can even eat while watching tv!

Whatever. I totally forgot to prepare drinks for tomorrow! Another “to run errands” excuse to convince myself to sneak out of the house instead of studying for my upcoming test. Oh, did I tell you that my first paper is on next Monday, the day after my birthday??? Sucks my panties off! Hmpf. How am I going to enjoy my birthday lahhhh. Well, but you know I will. Screw test, birthday is more important! Teehee. Better not let mum hears that.

I am getting my new phone tomorrow! K810 saje lah. Don’t expect too much. Grrr, I’m afraid I might regret for not getting N82 instead. Can’t wait to get rid of my current lap sap Motorola! Ciaoz.

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