Friday, August 22, 2008


Today, I paid my old house a visit in attempt to reminisce my childhood. It stirred up nostalgic feelings, as if flipping through pages and pages of my forgotten childhood.

The two big trees which stand still throughout sunny and rainy days have got some of their branches chopped off. I chuckled while thinking about how I used to run away from the red ants that nested on the tree trunks.

Last year, dad bought us a double storey house, and we tearfully waved goodbye to the comfort place which sheltered us ever since the day we were born. Our clothes, packed in boxes of different sizes, were sent to our new home. We gave our old toys to the neighbourhood kids. Old furniture was thrown. And our Rottweiler, whom we had named “Chocolate” was give to the new owner of the house. Every single thing was removed from the house, leaving a mere emptiness along with my years and years of childhood memories.

How joyful life was when we used to run to the neighbour’s place and “borrow” their swings XD

Side view. Dad used to throw dog poo poo into the drain through the fence. No, it did not clog up the drain.

Now, after approximately 2years time, my old house has become a branch for National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).

For those who hasn’t a clue what “autism” means,

It is a developmental disability that results in
-Qualitative impairments in reciprocal social interaction
-Qualitative impairments in communication
-Restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interest, or activity

I was told that during the day time, autistic children would be gathered in the house to go through activities such as training and intervention that might help them in their development. Taken a closer look, doesn’t it look like a private kindergarten? =)

The big compound was where the children spend their leisure time. I could almost imagine them playing around with the guidance and encouragement of the social workers.

NASOM currently has 10 centres in Malaysia. It offers activities and services for age below 5 up to age 17.

For more information on autism, kindly click on NASOM’s Official Site.

If you would like to give a helping hand, do not hesitate to sign up as a volunteer now!

All information available on the official site =)))

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