Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kong Fai War

Hello people! Remember the Jap-liked boy you’ve been seeing so often in Yatz’s blog, Rames’s blog and even Smashpop’s blog? The boy who shows his face in events here and there, hangs out with bloggers all days long, yet claimed not to own a blog?

“Hikaru, what’s your blog link?”
“I don’t have a blog.”


Introducing Kong Fai War, first established on May 2007.

Note: Be prepared for the scary header.

It had remained an anonymous blog for more than 1 year, since obviously no one realized the connection between Sei Chai Bao- the cute little Shin Chan actually represents the thick-brow-fair-skin-big-butt author.

The author has finally revealed his identity! Feel free to drop by and take a look.

Check out the lame archive! The link tells it all =)


Simon Seow said...

oh. so hikaru like to kong fai wah

Copykate said...

yea crap