Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday for Singleton

This is yet another weekend. What does a pathetic singleton girl do on a Saturday? It’s not like anyone would ever ask her out for a romantic Saturday night date. But wait, yes, she does have dates, but they’re either too old for their own good or are already attached. Doesn’t any perfect single man ever set their eyes on the poor little chick? I would rather chew my own arm than dating old and disgusting men (except if they’re filthy rich, maybe). If I ever go on date with someone’s boyfriend, wouldn’t the girlfriend- whoever the witch she is- come running after me with a knife the very next day? But still, how on earth would she find out? It’s not like we’re gonna be spotted in the Italian restaurant by her grandma. Anyway, I remember a friend of mine who told me this: Stop bothering people’s boyfriend and get yourself a nice guy! Jeez, they’re the ones who come after me in the first place. And you wouldn’t have to tell me this if I were able to find myself a decent guy, right? Alright, let’s dismiss the idea. The point is, I did not go out with anybody’s boyfriend. This is good news to the girls out there who would ever consider me the slutty boyfriend stealer. My Saturday had been very significant (as if).

First, I cursed at my alarm clock at 9 and snoozed for another minute or so. Only that a minute means a good 3 hours, as I stared at the time with my eyes half-opened and my head feeling extremely heavy. The ice-cream cake in the fridge was very tempting indeed. I had a slice for my breakfast, or rather call it brunch. I knew how I was gonna make full use of my Saturday. The VCD I rented (for free, cause the man was too kind to charge me) lay messily on the table. I prayed hard that Stardust and Black Sheeps would not be as shitty as 30 Days of Night. My prayer worked for sure, as they both turned out to be really fascinating. But I wasn’t able to catch the ending of Stardust because some problem occurred to the last few minutes of the disc. Whatever. To tell you the truth, I was a little pissed off when I realized that dad had returned the “Brothers” DVD before I even had time to watch it. He should have asked me first!

Later on, I continue with my “Confession of an Air Hostess”, one of the chick lits I bought. Now you know what I have for my reading pastime. Or do you even know that I read??? You must have thought that I’m the kind of people who goes out all day long and reads only my text books? For goodness sake, I’ve adopted a very good reading habit! Even though I do not read Harry Potter books as they do not appeal to me. Anyone who hears this must be thinking that I’m an insane. I do read fashion magazines too, just to seek for the latest beauty tips. Uhh, does that count?

It wasn’t until my stomach was rumbling that I went downstairs only to realize that dinner was already served an hour ago. Before that I did not have a proper lunch but a few popiah and currypuffs for tea. I am on diet!!! I was careful not to eat too much for dinner and proud of myself as I managed to consume only a quarter of my regular portion. Yesterday my aunt told me that I’ve gained weight. She wasn’t the first to throw me such comment, obviously. And I’ve had enough of my siblings calling me a big fat ass. I mean, for years people had known me as the skinny pole! Now that I’ve become a fatso that I can’t even fit into any S size! Gawd, what a shame! I certainly have no intention of donating my old skirts to the bin for the sake of bigger size. Therefore I ought to thin down myself!

So guess what I did? I worked myself on the treadmill machine! You must agree that I look like a lunatic running, texting and laughing at the same time. I just felt funny. People said I run like a chicken, but isn’t it supposed to be hamster? As a girl who has never hit the gym before, I have no single clue on how much calorie I’m supposed to burn. Nick told me that I have to burn 500 calories at least! Please tell me he was merely kidding??? You wouldn’t know how long I have to run in order to burn up that much cal! Did he think I’m too fat or was he just pulling my leg? After 20minutes or so, the machine shows 100calories and I finally stopped myself. For me, 20minutes of exercise is highly excessive. I was drained. A hot water bathe was all I needed. And again I look like a complete nut because I was showering, texting and laughing at the same time. I mean, who on earth actually send off messages telling people that they’re bathing? Oh, did I not tell you that I was using Veet cream? Any girl who doesn’t use Veet must be blessed with really nice and smooth legs without even a single trace of hair!

Later on, I will have my massage and therapy before I go to bed. There’s a massage machine that mum recommended, which is supposed to kill off my pimples at the same time. I shall see if it works. Oh well, I know this entry is boring, and just as mundane as the singleton’s Saturday might be. The next thing I’m gonna do is turn off the annoying florescent light, lit on my beautiful scented candles and start dreaming of my perfect guy. Believe me, he will appear in my life sooner or later. Don’t you ever mock at the singleton!


Anonymous said...

seriously, you look UGLY in the picture and i wonder how you persuade yourself to put it there and still dare to claim being attractive enough to steal someone's bf, and claim that they come to you.

however, i give you the benefit of doubt by suggesting that perhaps their gfs are super super damn ugly ? or super super damn annoying (let me know if they do, i'm curious who can be more irritatin than you ).
or perhaps it's just your lustful imagination , perasan-ing that other ppl are attracted to you ?

haha. LMAO !

Copykate said...

LMAO what? that wasn't funny. go practise on ur sarcasm.

i dunno why you even want to comment about the boyfriend thingy. as if it ever offended u or what.

do i have to be super attractive to make the boyfriends come to me? and who r u to say i'm annoying? as if u know me so well.

no, they're not super super damn ugly. maybe juz slightly less hotter than me. at least, i think=)

AndrewC said...

Your blog has some very weird characters

Copykate said...

indeed. gotta get used to it.

Anonymous said...

i can't imagine how would the bfs look like if their gfs are slightly less hotter than you !

but don worry, an award would be created upon your name !

the UGLIEST COUPLE of the year !



Yuinyi said...

eh chup! Sorry I still dun get it. Which part of this post is offending anyone again? *scratches head* Pardon me for being blur.

Spread some love people.

Hate = No good
Peace = Good

Cheers! =)

Copykate said...

now you see, i'll make the headline. better than some people who can only hide their balls behind the newspaper while throwing sarcastic comments.


Copykate said...

joelyn, everybody knows it's not offensive. perhaps the poor fella isn't against my entries but against me. yea, obviously.

AndrewC said...

That guys is damn weird. Did he dump his gf for u? Or is he a girl and she kena dumped because of u?

Copykate said...

abang, i dun understand your last question! wtfreak.

nobody dumps nobody. yet.