Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pick On Me Again

Now, please don't expect a mature post because this entry can be really childish. But wait, I think the topic is worth to be pondered upon. Question is: What does it mean when a guy keeps picking on you? I guess your first anwer would be: Obviously he's interested in you! Another option: He's born to be a mean cow. No kidding, I actually took the screenshots from "ks cb" (it's kennysia chatbox, duh!) Okay, very lebih I know XD Now, read these and decide for me:
That's not the first one. Just the first one I managed to save. The older messages are gone. In case you're too dumb to understand, yea, he was referring that to me.
What's your problem? I don't remember watching a movie with you before.
Hmm, what's with the lesbo. . .
Yea, keep picking on me.
I dunno what to comment about this. He thinks Zoe is my lesbo partner or something.
A very smart suggestion.
You're not handsome either.
Bet you're the one who wants the fried rice.
Enough hor, idiot!
Ill and his assumption.
That's enough!
I would get pissed off even when a super handsome dude with amazing eyes do that to me, let alone a fck face moron! Click here if you're interested. He's gonna start accusing me for being delusional if I say he was interested in me. So I shall bet on the second option. Oh no, I shouldn't be frustrated because of someone on the net! Garn, am I stupid or something? For a childish and unworthy jerk! Wait a minute, I think he's a bitch! A bitch who's bitchier than me! Now Kate, ready to pack your stuff for the advent of the great one.
Sue me for doing this, Illarius!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor katie pants! Ignore him... I've seen his blog and he is almost lame as alistairlihai.com . . . //
What a dick to say stuff like that to you even he doesn't know you? And, he calls you ugly!? Look at him, he REALLY ain't no damn oil painting! Him and his braces!!! hahahaha... not to mention his geeky 4 eyes and his lame fluffy hair cut. If anyone is the ugly one, it's him! You aren't ugly! *sadness* don't listen to that loser, he's probably just jealous.
I think he thinks he has some sort of authority or... "popularity" and look at his friends lar! They're all lame like him too.And that fat pig bitch at the bottom of his post? Is she supposed to be hot or something? Coz together they look worse than a pigs excrement passage way! Ha ha ah!!!! Can't wait to see how he will look in 10 years, probably gonna look like a nerdy uncle! Ha ha! With a white shirt, lame same glasses and a shiny bald head :P
Hope you don't get your feelings hurt by what he said, coz I read the stuff he said in the cbox and he's pretty lame to be honest! Like what has he even got against you? Like, what did you really do? Ah, just coz you popular and super pretty! Ha ha! He's so pathetic!

Worst of all, atleast your popular and pretty and got lots of stuff going on for ya! I mean, you are going to USA soon and like, where will he get to visit? Singapore? lol... Indonesia? Face it, you beat everyone anyway!

Aw. hope you feel better.
And your not an ugly lesbian!!!!



Anonymous said...

What are you, Kate's groupie? Sheesh. It creeps me out to see such fervent idolatry. Like yours :X

And comparing based one who's been where is silly. No one's great because she's been to USA or UK or anywhere.

Hmm pardon the slamming. I'm stressed and blog hopping today.

Kate don't feel pissed off, some people are just assholes and think making weird insults with no substantiation whatever is a cool thing to do i.e. loser. Get a life, whoever the guy is.

Haha. Bored.

Anonymous said...

anon: Ha ha... just coz you never been anywhere but KL?

Anonymous said...

Er, no, and I think that's the saddest, most pathetic remark ever, because, SERIOUSLY..

COMPARING GREATNESS BASED ON WHO'S BEEN WHERE IS REALLY DOWNRIGHT LAME. It doesn't make you any greater just because you've seen the world more, because, well, you epitomise my argument.

You apparently didn't glean many lessons on life from travelling round the world. Because you are still a narrow-minded, childish, silly, superficial, shallow (I know they all mean the same thing but you deserve it, buddy) bigot who lives in his own RICH fortunate world where he can afford flights and many other people in the world can't because they're too poor for that. Screw you, dude; you don't deserve that fortune because you think material wealth is all that makes one superior, and therefore, extending that, you think you are superior.

Which is, you know, kind of sad. Because people have achieved much more than you from scrap, and i think people like that have more self-worth than you.

And you're just a silly 18 or 19 or 20 (I dont give a shit in hell, really, but you don't act like you're any of those ages) living off your daddy's money, and that pulls so many layers of wool over your really small and unseeing eyes, and makes you think you're one hell of a great guy because you were born into wealth.

Go see the world again, dude. I may have seen less of it than you, but I sure as hell have a clearer picture of it than you do. Which is kind of a waste, because you took all your daddy's money to jet round the world taking photographs, and learnt not one single thing about reality from any of them.

Again. Screw you. The world is better off without rich pompous arses like you.

Anonymous said...

p.s. it's too bad you're good-looking.


Copykate said...

why do you come here and babble on and at last tell us that "too bad he's good-lookin"? that's really funny, as if indicating that good-looking people can always get their butt off something. which is, well, kinda true. it's like a handsome dude can bang into someone's car and easily get away with it. or if you are good-looking and flirty, people don't take you as a jerk, but instead, a perfect fling.

enough said. too bad i'm not good-looking -.-

btw, dak is neither 18 nor 19 nor 20. of course he doesn't act like anyone of those ages.

chill people. don't fight =)

Sue Me said...

kate..chill..if u wana sue him,give me a call.i can help u..hehehe..
dont giv a damn what ill said..he's just jealous of u..what a b***h!