Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Princess Is Back

I know you've been waiting ages for my updates. The lack of new posts wasn't because nothing much is going on in my life so I've got nothing better to update you with, but it was due to the lousy connection here! It's a big problem whenever I try to upload my pix. Sometimes I couldn't even sign in to my blogger X(

Hi there again. The princess is back!

Well, not Princess Kate, but Princess Katie, my gorgeous babe! XD
I like these random candy shots. Was back for the weekend to meet her. It's been a long time since.
Katie's dad treated us at Renassaince Hotel! 5-star buffet dinner! Drooling yet? XD
Wanna take a look at what I've eaten there? Don't be shock. Yes, I finished them all. Nearly.
It's spaghetti+fried beehoon+squids+rendang beef+chicken wing+asam fish+seafood toufu+yong toufu+dunno what else rojak=.=
Her dad thought I wouldn't finish the first plate since it was really a lot. But then there was more!
My 2nd plate:
Whatever soup it was, it didn't taste that nice without the chilli spray.
I love the soya milk!
The cake looked delicious eh? Yes they were all mine! XD
There was even satay celup!!!
OMG you know what? That was all I could eat! I could consume no more! I was at the edge of explosion! I even ate some of their lamb chop and roti canai. Katie captured the evidence of my pregnancy. Gee, that was embarrassing. Haven't I prove to you that I need a little diet?
Wait, there was ice-cream!!! No way I'm gonna miss it! XD
Aha, they look delicious with the topping. Jess, don't be jealous ya XD
We love cam-whoring in the toilet. it's a 5-star toilet k!
Love you babe! <3


jcjessjessiejessica said...

this is so UNFAIR!

Copykate said...

i knew you would say that. too bad XD