Saturday, September 8, 2007

No Pictures

Home sweet home!
Guess what mum said when she saw me? “You’ve gained weight! Your face looks much bigger now.” OMG what?! My face!!!! It’s no longer oval but round?! And it’s much wider now?? Sheesh, I’m ugly enough, please don’t make me uglier by fattening my face! I think I might have to get some Bio-essence to thin down my face. Sis and bro are calling me “fatty” now. *Horrified* They claimed that the food has never got leftover each time I come home. Nah, I’m merely teaching them how you should not be picky on food and how you should not waste every single piece of rice XD “Eat some more lah, later become big fat woman!” That’s what they always say. I think I’m 45kg now! Oh man, that’s bad! I was only 42kg before this. The nasi lemak, tosai, roti canai, mi goreng at the mamak had shown their effect huh? But heck, I can’t possibly stop myself from eating! I have 5 meals per day- breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner and supper. Most of the time it’s Malay food, except Mon-Thurs dinner. I think I might have to cut down on my diet. And the most important of all, I have to maintain my waist line! Oh no, I mean I have to make it smaller! Nah, I’m neither the Miss Anorexic nor Miss Bulimic. I just want to look all pencil-thin and hot! And increase my height as well. You know I’m way too short X( It’s mission impossible though, as there are only 1more year left before I turn 18.

The pimples on my forehead never ceased to stop growing. Each time I come back, I do facial, I go back to my hostel with my smooth face, and then they start popping up again after several days. Mum said it’s caused by my lack of sleep. I think the main factor is the dirty water there. Tell me, if you wash your face with dirty rusty water everyday, wouldn’t your face be harmed by zits that grow all over your cheeks, your forehead, your chin, your nose, everywhere? I’m glad enough that it hasn’t reach the incorrigible stage. My face isn’t totally ruined. There are still people who give rave review on my texture and complexion, so flattering that I thought I could flutter my wings, if I have any. But hey, I think I need some Garnier Whitening Cream! Jess said my forehead is sunburnt! I wouldn’t be surprise, as I have to walk under the sun everyday. That was the same reason that I had spoilt four heels in less than 2months time. It is inevitable for someone who has to walk on the uneven pavement everyday. I think the rich school should really do something about it. Sometimes I wonder how much property they have. Recently they seem to be really benevolent for queuing barrier at the bus stop and repairing the tiles at the garden. Shouldn’t they repair the pavement which I walk on everyday instead?! Garn, what’s the use of the garden?! I mean, there are tables and tools to be misused as party location, but we don’t care what the ground looks like!!! Why bother to repair it? Or maybe it’s government’s fund? Then I shall just clap my hand and say “Well done”.

My sis is problematic. Guess what, she’s 13 this year. 13? What’s so significant about 13? Nah, it’s not the superstitious Friday 13 or the Room 13. Every young teenage goes through the rebellion stage. So did I. However, we differ in the intensity of our rebellion. In other words, she’s worse than me. I was 13 back then. If you wanna know more about it, nah, I’m not gonna tell you further. It isn’t something to be proud of anyway. Back to my sis. Yea, she mixes with the bad company, the so-called ah-lian and ah-beng, she imitates her ah-lian friend by cutting an ah-lian hairstyle, she finds herself a godbro who is a school drop-out, she goes to youth fellowship for the sake of meeting her godbro, she refuses to study hence fails her tests, she plays in class and get punished by teacher, she plays truant without our knowing. Well, of course I wouldn’t know, since I wasn’t even at home. Mum has been working all this while and has got no time to watch over her. Dad said he’s short of assistance so he needs mum’s help. Now he’s got a few new sales personnel, but mum gotta work too. The excuse is, they’re still new and ignorant of the system. So when is he gonna let mum off? Hey, I don’t even get to taste her food each time I come back. It’s always the maid who cooks. And then there’s this sis who really needs to be counselled. Mum was really furious. Until I told her that whacking and reprimanding are absolutely not the right way. We should know how it works since we’ve also been through these. I suggested that they transfer her to another school. It’s really difficult to cajole my old principal into accepting her since she hasn’t been doing so well in her academic. However, the pastor from CCC said she’ll try her best to help. Any other better suggestion?

Enough saying. I’ve got this writing assignment, which I have no idea how to start. And SAT practices! I gotta do a bit revision on Math too. I told you my Math sucks. What a shame. SAT is only 1month away. You don’t wanna know how difficult it is for me to score even a 700 for each section. Now I don’t think I can even achieve 3.5 CGPA for my papers. And I haven’t even start working on U application essays! Not even a single thing is done. I’m so unprepared. I’m so. . . No, I’m not depressed. I’m just. . . Argh, I think I need to wash my hair. NOW!


ej said...

i think putting on weight is good. you're way too thin already. i'm counting on the fresman 15 myth to increase mine. pimples ive got no comment since i dont use skincare products since i left home.

now to the thing that got me to post this up is your sister's condition. condition saounds so weird. but watever.

so here goes. i believe you should just support her thru her rebelious stage. get to talk to her and tell her that you trust she'd know how to differenciate between the good/bad right/wrong. kids do go astray sometime in their lives. that takes patience on your part. just make sure she doesnt spiral downwards too much.

trust and respect means a lot to preteens and teens. you've got to be smart in how you talk to her. since you posted this up, im sure you're concerned about her well being. so go talk to her.. its mostly normal to stray away.. but not too far and not too long.

but then again, who am i to give advise.


Copykate said...

wow, what a long comment from mr. eujeen! hey dun say that, i do appreciate ur advice! X)

now the problem is, i'm hardly at home so din manage to find a good chance to talk to her. beside, her hp has been confiscated by mum (sms everyday XD) so. . well, i'll try harder next time.

thanks ya anyway ^^

AndrewC said...

Haix, kids nowadays.
During my teens, I where so so naughty.
BTW, go church see handsome guy nothing wrong wat? If someplace got some hot babe I might go too.
Anyway the Ah Beng still go church. Must be a good Beng.

Copykate said...

u weren't that naughty cos u were a nerdy berdy geek who only cared about studies! LOL. hey it's true. admit it! imagine i din even notice ur existence until. . well, whatever XD

Leen said...

Hey, it's me again.

SAT is just around the corner by now. I can definitely understand the nerve-wrecking experience.

IF you still find it hard to score above 700 for math, you really have to work harder for your math. Math is a vital element to compensate your lack of verbosity and eloquence in the vast esoteric-lexicon-filled paper.

Buck up for your math too even if you can score 700 and above. You will need a strong foundation of math to do calculus and more calculus awaits you in US later.

For the vocab that you learned, try your best to remember them. I am taking humanities and social science this quarter and I can't read a full page of essay/paper/book without spotting at least 3-5 new words. It's tough for me because I don't have a strong English background. So, try hard in your English department too.

Most importantly, pray and ask God to guide you through your time in INTEC. If you need any spiritual guidance/help, I believe CA people will be willing to help out. =D