Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Battle of MiNDS


It's a debate competition from my school. This is the cover that I've done for the programme book. Got some help from Jake the photoshop addict. Please don't blame me if you don't find it nice cause this is our first attempt. Actually I don't quite like the 6heads at the left bottom corner. They look rather creepy! Is it true that the president's head is always the biggest? LOL. I didn't mean to make it look that way k! XD

How do you like these nametags? Man, I love it! Thanks to Dakota who helped me with the design! I was so sorry that I didn't manage to come out with 4 different designs for each name tag! Due to the lack of time X( It was a last minute work and I'm glad enough that I managed to complete it! XD Ahh, I'm sure you guys love the nametags yea? It's COOL unlike some crappy ones that we've got!

Gosh, did I just miss the Gala Dinner?! Awwwwwwww, Johnson called it the "cocktail party"! It sounded so nice and grand! So sad that I had to go back to Muar on that very weekend. It must have been an enjoyable party! Can't wait to hear about it! Will some debaters please kindly post a blog entry on the whole event?


Johnsoneo said...

You missed the fun, I sang that night=)

Anyway millions of thanks for the design, I liked it personally!

Will blog bout the Battle of MiNDS tonight, so check out gal, or should I address you as "@#$%$# Princess" to avoid being mocked by Dakota gain?=)

Copykate said...

u sang??? argh too bad i wasn't there to witness ur good singing skill XD

glad that u like those design!

forget about what he said k! LOL