Thursday, April 12, 2012

Then I was like whatever ~

Haro taro! So fast it’s already Thurday! Half of my mid-semester break gone, yet I haven’t touched my assignment at all! Heading back to KL tomorrow morning with le parents. Will be going to the clothing wholesale city with them. Never mind if it’s tiring, I’m gonna grab as many pretty clothes as possible! XD

Drove around Muar town to look for a turquoise dinner dress to no avail. Need a turquoise dress for the upcoming VU night. Not that I have to follow the dress code, but it would be nice to stick to the theme.

Speaking of turquoise, here’s the whole batch of photos I’ve taken the other day wearing a turquoise colour chiffon top. It’s mum’s blouse actually. Raided her closet as usual. Teehee.

Can’t come out with caption for each and every one of these photos so I’m gonna number them! Also, for easier commenting. LOL.



#2 Cutesy heart-shaped buttons


#3 *pouts*




#5 Those are my real lashes by the way. Didn’t use falsies that day.


#6 My hair smells good. Hiak hiak.


#7 Acting cute like a zilian lala mui.


#8 Thought this might help concealing part of my chubby face.






#11 Not sure if success kid or constipated.


#12 Teehee (reluctantly).




#14Then I was like whatever~


#15 The boring pose.


Alright that’s it. 15 only la, how many do you expect?

Which one is your favourite? Mine is none other than #14 the whatever pose which no doubt reflects my bimbotic side!

A proper update once I get back to KL, I promise. That is, if I’m not too exhausted after all the wholesale clothes shopping! XD


Caroline said...


benjaminvai said...

#10 is like, "i wana kill you, but u are so adorable" hahaha

Koh Kian Fai said...

I expect more than 9000!!!! LOL!

anyways . . . this post cuci my mata lol XD

Meitzeu said...

We shall wait for the next entry. :)

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bacterium said...

i can't help to notice one of your eye is bigger than the other... wondering if that's natural or photoshop failure. :D

Copykate said...

caroline: aww thanks babe <3

ben: #10 was like the :3 emoticon! teehee

kian fai: i would be so proud if i could come out with 9000 photos with different expressions and poses. provided they all look nice! XD

meitzeu: soon, very soon :P

bacterium: oh shuddup, my eyes have always been like that :(

Koh Kian Fai said...

Kill Me! Kill ME! XD XD XD

Unknown said...

Omg, so pretty and cute! <3

I can't decide between 3, 7, 9, & 10... :P