Thursday, April 5, 2012

Warning: MLM and Insurance Agents might find this offensive

Haro taro! Here I come with another update! Now that I’m updating more often, will you read my blog everyday? Teehee.

2 hours of morning class today and off we go to Pyramid for Hunger Games! A 2 hours and 20 minutes duration of long movie, but definitely worth your time! It’s been quite some time since I last stepped into a cinema. Haven’t been participating in another contest for premiere screening and no one asked me out for movie that’s why :/

Was supposed to have cheap lunch at Medan with Angela but we decided to go for Susi Zanmai instead. Every time we eat there I almost spend twice the amount she does! It’s either I’m a real glutton or she really has a tiny appetite. The latter I suppose, considering how petite she is.


When the movie ended, I realized my Corporate Law subject guide book was gone! So kan cheong I nearly had a panic attack! Not that it’s worth a fortune (just a photostated guide that cost RM10) but it consists of all my efforts! Notes I copied down while listening attentively during class, tutorial answers and even legislation I bothered to search and printed out. It’s the one and only subject I pay attention to during lecture! Now I lost it!!!#$%&*%@%&**$@$^&**@!%

Okay fine, I didn’t lose it after all. Figured I must have left it somewhere before the movie. Headed back to the ATM machine, nothing there. Then ran back to the cinema’s popcorn counter and enquired, at the same time praying hard that they’ve kept it safely for me. And at last my prayer worked! Got the book back and kissed it hard! Promised I won’t ever lose it again!


Usually I carry my gigantic AX bag to uni to keep all my books inside. But today I only needed one file so I put it in my Coach instead. But a classmate of mine happened to borrow my Corporate Law manual yesterday and returned it today. Couldn’t really fit it in my bag so I carried it instead. To be honest when I passed it to her I was rather reluctant cause I sensed that something might go wrong. Turns out my 6 sense was quite accurate! Wtfreak. Bad luck. Don’t think I will ever lend anyone anything again. Unless it was Angela or Rachel who’s borrowing it from me. The rest can f*** off. Bleh.

Anyway check out one of my new rings! Rolling stone


Removed my nail polish after having them painted for 2 months continuously. Those colours make your nails look pretty, but sadly they also weaken your nails :( My once strong and hard nails started chipping and falling off. Worse still, the surface turned yellowish! It’s inevitable even with the application of base coat.

But hopefully my nails would grow long enough by 19 April! It’ll be our VU night – or otherwise known as prom night at the usual location, Sunway resort Hotel. Just booked our tickets today and we are so excited! Dress hunting soon! Any idea where I can get a turquoise gown?

You know how some people carry some hidden intentions when they ask you out for yumcha session? Like the other day a friend of mine whom I haven’t contacted for ages called me out of the blue. Was kinda surprised as I picked up, thinking he must have accidentally dialled the wrong person. But then he asked if I was free for a drink any time that week. I couldn’t help but feeling a little suspicious, but agreed for lunch anyhow. Went back home and check his Facebook, only then I remembered he’s working as an insurance agent! As I’m a straightforward person, I asked him if that was his whole purpose of asking me out and told him that he can drop the idea cause I’ll not buy insurance from him. LOL. But of course he denied it. On the day itself I couldn’t make it for lunch so I tried to postpone it to the next day. But then he read my whatsapp without replying! Wtfreak. How rude. Must have known that I won’t buy insurance so he refused to come see me after all. But hey, that’s way too obvious! At least reply me so that wouldn’t be the last impression imprinted in my mind even if we don’t see each other again! Jeez.

These days I gotta be wary whenever my “friend” asks me out. High possibility they either want me to buy insurance or join their MLM direct sales -.- Like a few months back there was this girl who claimed that she has a job for me, and that we could discuss it over yumcha session. It was during my holiday season so I was quite free. I thought catching up wouldn’t be so bad, plus there was a potential job waiting for me. Not until she brought me to this typical direct sales office at Puchong where tables are set up for discussions between current agents and their future victims. Okay fine, let’s not call them victims since the business they’re doing is not an illegal crime they’re committing after all. But still, once you’re there they’ll try to brainwash you by saying how good their product/service is, how they’re different from other MLM companies, how you can get back your capital easily etc. If you’ve attended MLM talks before you should know la. They would try to make it sound really convincing to lure you into being part of them. Because they need to recruit you in order to get paid you see. That’s how the whole pyramid scheme works.

My facial expression changed 360 degrees when I realized what I had got myself into! DID SHE JUST BRING ME ALL THE WAY THERE TO LISTEN TO MLM CRAP???! I was so close to doing a table flip, I swear!


She realized I was upset, asked me to chill and persuaded me to listen first before judging because who knows I might like their plan. And that they’re trying to help me earn big bucks.


I refused to attend their official talk though. The idea of sitting down among all their new preys and wasting my time listening to their bull crap was just nauseating! So she brought me to one of her superiors who tried to explain their whole concept to me, which I barely took any interest. Our whole conversation lasted for only 10 minutes, after which I demanded that she fetch me back to Sunway just so I could escape the disaster and sit down for Chatime with my friends instead.

We never contacted ever since.

That’s one of the reasons I’m not keen in doing direct sales. You’ll eventually lose your friends. Even if they still treat you as friend, they would always find you annoying. If they don’t find you annoying, it simply means you’re not trying hard enough to build up your entourage.

Last week, a senior of mine invited me to a talk at Palace of the Golden Horses. He said it’s a talk given by millionaires below 35 years old, and I should go and gain some knowledge so I could be like them one day. Usual price is RM380, but he can get it cheaper so I only needed to pay RM38. He was so excited and all when he told me all these. Then I was like, okay maybe I’ll skip my block teaching and attend the talk, because who knows I might meet some young millionaires there who will be the love of my life wtf. But of course, being my prudent self, I requested that he show me the details of the talk. He then sent me a brochure in Chinese.



新直销商!Which literally means new direct sales!

I was so agitated when I read that. Scolded him straight away! I was so close to being fooled again! This time had to pay to listen to their bull crap talk some more!

You see that’s the problem with direct sales people. They don’t tell you it’s direct sales they’re doing. But instead they would mention things like “big bucks”, “million dollar opportunity”, “easy job” etc. These people are smart in a way they aren’t actually lying to you, but merely concealing part of the facts. Hiding the main point that the talk was about direct sales isn’t considered lying you see, although from our point of view it’s cheating.

Later on I asked him why didn’t he tell me it was direct sales. He replied saying he assumed that I already knew what it was. Plain bullshit. Invalid excuse!

He then asked me why I was so annoyed, pissed and shit. I then indicated that he should just shut up before he loses a friend. Thank goodness this topic was never mentioned between us again.

For those of you who are doing direct sales, no offence. I would be really happy for you if you’re doing well and earning big money. But it’s just not the thing for me. I can’t imagine putting myself to go through all the trouble to recruit my friends under me. I treasure my friends and wouldn’t risk a single thing to lose them. And I don’t wanna carry any intention whenever I ask them out for a drink :(

Enough ranting on that. Look what I had for snack this afternoon! The Rotiboy today was quite disappointing though. Tasted as if they’ve left it there for hours. Yuck! Really ruined my usual expectation on Rotiboy.


Oh oh, my new aviator is so cool I just have to show you! Nola it’s not Rayban because I’m not that generous yet to be spending so much on shades. But still, it’s one of the very rare pair that just happened to fit me perfectly! *beams happily*


2 more days until my mid semester break! It’s only a week of holiday, during which I have to study for test and start on my assignment! *sobs* Oh well, it’s time I go home and visit le family :)


Cutebun said...

MLM. Super duper hate it. Avoided my friend once and for all after the 'yumcha'.

I would become financial consultant to advice on investment than MLM lor.

Copykate said...

sherrie: it's really sad to know that friends ask us out not to catch up but for other intentions :(

Simon Seow said...

Actually that one is Elken's New Distributor Training. I thought it's only recommended for those newly joined members that is interested to build the business lol. Why lah ask you that haven't join member to go?

Copykate said...

simon: yea i realized it's eklen later on. idk, he obviously sees it as an opportunity to make me a new member?

Koh Kian Fai said...

ELKEN? still got people do ELKEN? LOL *laugh die me*

anyways . . . good post XD

I would love to see your upset face XD hahahah

Copykate said...

kian fai: so bad laugh at people! lol. you should see my face when i'm really pissed. don't think you would dare talk to me again T_T

不具名的悲傷 said...

I had a similar experience too. She is my best friend since primary school and I was surprised when she called me out for yumcha, then ended up with she explained direct sales kind of thing to me. :(

Copykate said...

pei kee: now we know, when people look for us out of the blue they must have some nasty intention :(

Koh Kian Fai said...

@kate hahaha come on . . . I am not that mean person la XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

u know my friend call me up for meet up. At first I think it is ok if talk about MLM, then I need to travel from Kelana jaya LRT to Ampang Park LRT . . . then need to wait 20mins for his arrival then the MLM talk is in some hospital . . .

the way my friend talk is like he thinks that I am still very rich and ask me to sign credit card immediately . . . . too bad I got no credit card lol . . . :P

Copykate said...

kian fai: why did you even bother to go through all the trouble??? siao. and your friend is quite unlucky, targeted the wrong person with no credit card XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

I go all the way so far because for the Brothershood friendship ma . . . mana tau *sigh*

michleong said...

I kena also from a friend. Seriously, a friend. -_-

JQLeeJQ said...

I almost gotten into MLM because that time I was desperate to earn but thank God i didnt as I cant afford to pay first. I think those friends who suddenly wanna yumcha is just plain stupid but i do have friends that are very honest and tell straight. Which I appreciate.

At the end of the day, scams are the worst, especially those at KL central monorail preying on college students cheating 2000-3000 off us and say that we win something and we are just paying government tax. you might win a car and ended some lousy products that claims to worth 15000 and above. These ppl ask you to pay for teksi ride to their 'one time' doggy office that could be anywhere and ask you to bank out cash from the nearest bank.

Never take any paper that ask you to tear and win even when they show you their IC without fear.

Copykate said...

kian fai: so nice of you. such a nice friend but he's treating you like this. oh well :/

mich: it's really frustrating. somehow it would affect the friendship :(

jq: glad you didn't! sure there are people who really work hard and earn through mlm. but in order to do so, one gotta have really high determination, which i don't. yea those scammers are really terrible. wonder how they live up to their conscience (if they even have any left). but it's ok, i always believe that karma will eventually get to them :)

missyblurkit said...

i wish that these folks will at least have the dignity to explain that they do intend to talk MLM or insurance. prep us. being frank may well be working to their benefit.

Copykate said...

missyblurkit: cause they are aware that if they reveal their intention, we might not go at all since most of us resist the idea of mlm. lol

Gary Smith SCS Agency said...

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