Saturday, April 7, 2012

Traditional Aluminum Tin Coffee - Only in Muar!

Greetings from Muar! Back for my one-week mid semester break. The first thing that took place as I reached home: mum gave my arms a disgusted stare and asked why I’ve become so fat! It’s true, not just my arms but my face has become chubby recently! I was so dumbfounded by her nasty comment! Because usually she would reprimand me for being too skinny. But this time it’s the other way round! Oh my.

Coming home simply means I have to become my siblings’ driver. Fetched them here and there throughout the whole day. The only time I had the chance to camwhore in the car was when mum drove me (because she was too afraid of my driving skill). Today I was so annoyed by an old blue Malay Wira that not only refused to give me way but also honked at me, I accelerated my Peugeot 308 and tailgated him! Sis was scared shitless on the passenger seat. LOL.


Wearing my new Amour tee from Topshop for the first time! See, the words are glowing! Teehee.


Dad seemed interested in my new tee which made me baffled because he doesn’t usually comment on t-shirts. He then said “I also got amour de t-shirt!” I was like, “Really??? This is from Topshop wor.” Then he opened the drawer and showed me a label that says “Men Armour” with a soldier wearing full armour suit printed underneath -______________-“

LOL-ed literally.

Oh oh let me share a really scary incident that occurred this afternoon. After getting out of the shower, I realized my bra which was supposedly in my luggage was on the floor. Thought it must have fallen out when I grabbed my stuff, or maybe someone in the house perved on my pretty bra or something. Didn’t give a damn so I wore it. Went to do my make up during which sis casually told me that she saw a bug crawling on my bra just now, and told me not to worry because she has already caught the bug and threw it away, then proceeded to slide her phone and showed me a repulsive photo of that yellow maggot-like worm!!!!!


I was wearing the exact same bra she was talking about!!!

And how could she be so nonchalant about it!!!

I then let out a really loud shriek and ran out like a mad woman. Sis, who was startled by my sudden outburst ran away too. Although I don’t see the point of her running. I was the only one who needed to change out of the bra. She probably thought I was gonna wipe my bra on her or something. Or maybe punch her face for not telling me earlier.

Changed outta that bra immediately. But couldn’t help feeling that psychologically-inflicted itching sensation all over my body, especially on my breasts. Wtfreak.

Woke up at noon time today and found some left over breakfast on the dining table. My family finished all the otak-otak and left me with only one :( Reminded myself that I am now a fat girl, so I only ate half a packet of that noodle.


Traditional coffee in recycled aluminum tin! Only in small town like Muar XD


Tin transmit heat so you are supposed to carry it with the string attached on top.


There must be some tactic when it comes to drinking this. Be sure you drink from the part where the tin cover is pushed further in to avoid cutting your lips.


But then the coffee was so hot! Dad said I would take one whole day to finish my coffee -.- I gave up and opened the cover to let it cool down.


Drank it my own way. But seriously the tin was so hot lah!!! Really burned my delicated fingers wtf. So dad asked me to hold the cover instead.


They bought some delicious sardine puff from the kopitiam also! Tasted really good albeit a tad bit oily.


Spotted a nice sandals at dad’s shoes shop. Like something Charles & Keith would sell. What do you think? XD


Have been wearing close-toe pumps too often they’re damaging my toe nails. Ready to switch to sandals for the time being. I wore flip-flops to uni this whole week T_T

Matching toe nail colour! ^^ The sandals come in black and brown as well. But I think blue looks classier! Only RM 59.90. Let me know if you want it too! Teehee.


Sis said there’s a newly-opened Korean food shop in Muar. She’s dragging me there soon. Can’t wait! Although I’m pretty sure the food there would disappoint me, now that I’ve got real Seoul experience. Tskkkkk.

Food glorious food! So much for the I AM SO FAT NOW complaints :(


Henry Lee said...

wow! i like the concept! must taste really good in those can la! :D

Copykate said...

henry: yea different kinda experience. tastes really hot! lol

Anne Lee said...

I love that sandals. it's very special.

Koh Kian Fai said...

with the steel can will be slightly sweet? hahah I cant get it XD

nice T :P

Copykate said...

anne: it's very comfortable too!

kian fai: i don't think so, unless they don't wash the tin before using. lol

benjaminvai said...

Lol . <3 ing the tin cans.