Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy! ♡

A short dedication to my gorgeous mum whose birthday falls on 21st April!

Happy birthday mummy! It’s a shame I didn’t get to go back home to celebrate with you since I had my weekend classes. I hope you like the little surprise from Gigi and I.


The flowers may die, but your beauty would never cease to shine. May you stay young and pretty as always!


I love you


benjaminvai said...

It's like..... mom is pretty, dad is handsome, and everyone else in the family got beautiful genes . hahaha

cheat sheet sial.

Kate, i think u need to marry a handsome one too la! haha

Happy Birthday Momma Kate!

Woots, first to comment?

Copykate said...

benjamin: i barely inherited half of her gene! teehee. and who wouldn't want to marry someone handsome? XD

benjaminvai said...

my gf clearly doesnt hahah

Copykate said...

*choke and laugh* HAHAHAHAAHAHA