Saturday, April 7, 2012

Asam Pedas Claypot in Malacca

A really quick post as I’m really exhausted after a long drive. Blogging from my home in Muar right now. I would usually call it home sweet home but not anymore, ever since my maid left after her contract ended. My house looks like a trash centre with junks scattering here and there. Not sure whether dad is too stingy or it’s really difficult to get an Indonesian maid these days.

I delayed my trip back to Muar a few hours later to attend a Hyundai show room launching. Alas I didn’t manage to make it on time due to the peak hour suicidal jam! Plus my friend was so engrossed with his yumcha session he reached my place late! And I misunderstood the location of the show room. And we both are bad with directions! Spent some miserable 2 hours in the car only to end up telling the person-in-charge that I could no longer make it. So much for all the trouble :’(

Dropped by Malacca for dinner. It was already 10.30pm when we arrived at the historical town. My first time trying the famous Asam Pedas Claypot at 大树下 which is literally translated as “underneath the big tree”. That’s how they call that place. It was crowded as usual. Could barely find ourselves a vacant table.


As the name suggests, the asam fish are served in claypots. Individual portion. Not sure how much it costs but by estimating from the bill, should be around RM7 or 8 per set (claypot fish + rice).


My favourite ikan pari (stingray). But they gave me body instead of tail! Tails always taste better :(


Spicy food makes me happy XD


Okay but to be honest I wasn’t really happy with the food la. I think it’s highly overrated. There’s no way it can compete with the asam fish in Muar! For me it wasn’t spicy nor sour enough. The taste just wasn’t right. It actually reminded me of instant asam powder. Our asam fish can easily beat it 100 times! Such a turn off. Jeez. Wonder why business is so good every night.

Imma go have the real tasty asam fish tomorrow, now that I’m back in Muar! Hiak hiak.

Jeremy has taken more than a month to upload my photoshoot pictures!!! So far the only thing he gave me was this teaser posted on my Facebook timeline. Tskkkkk.


Oh, one of my outfits was tutu skirt. Does that mean my photos would be banned? Yorais disapproves! Sadly. HAHA.


Isaac Tan said...

all that redness, definately looks really spicy. Oh this is the one in malacca eh? Fast fast go try out the one you like in Muar ..

hey cute tutu.. haha

Copykate said...

isaac: but it wasn't spicy for me :P yesh can't wait to eat the one in muar!

lol thanks! can't wear it and go around kl city though XD

Koh Kian Fai said...

spicy food make u happY? Noted LOL :P

I like your last picture anyways :) very good. those who ban something which is unreasonable is so dumb > . <

jolene said...

1 indonesian maid do 1 task only so how many indonesian maids should your dad get?

jolene said...

1 indonesian maid do 1 task only so how many indonesian maids should your dad get?

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Looks delicious. And BAN your pics!!!! :P

Xing said...

haha epic last sentence !!

Copykate said...

kian fai: yea, must have spicy food else my life would be incomplete! that isn't the best shot among all. still waiting for the rest of the pictures!

jolene: one indonesian maid is in charged of all tasks!

kelvin: looks delicious but tastes ordinary :/ my pics are awesome k! XD

xing: it's the truth i speak of. teehee

Ernest Ng said...

that asam pedas not nice la. u shud try the one at the corner shop one in front of the casa del rio hotel nearby. I am malaccan I know ;)

Copykate said...

ernest: oh! will take note and try it next time. or better still, look for you if you happen to go back there XD

Henry Tan said...

mygod ur asam pedas ikan pari make me drools! TT i can feel my salivas!

Copykate said...

henry: i know right! i felt it too when i looked back at the photo. the sight of it is very tempting XD