Wednesday, April 4, 2012

God Please Don't Let Me Fall Sick

Recently I’ve adopted this habit of emailing myself photos from my Blackberry. It certainly makes things easier rather than having them transferred by cable, not that I know how to use the Desktop Manager in the first place. After being a BB user for more than a year, I still have no single clue how to make full use of that function.

I haven’t been carrying my Canon around much. Partly cause I’m pissed at it for making me look dark under flash light. If you know me, you probably know I’m not a naturally dark person. So it’s just sad my camera refused to do me justice. I’ve kinda abandoned it for good. Always grab someone else’s photos even when I attend events these days.

Got back our test paper recently and I can’t help but to show you my lousy drawing!


Did it when I was bored after finishing all the questions. Not that I’m being an arrogant show off snob or whatsoever but it was a MCQ test, so yea, plenty of time for me to draw on the paper. Teehee.

Someone commented whether that was Rihanna -_______-“ but it was actually my failed attempt to draw this meme! LOL.


Finished 3 tests for this semester, but we’ve got 2 more tests and 4 assignments to complete before finals! Gosh. Schedule will be hectic after the mid-sem break next week. I can foresee the possibility of me MIA from this blog soon, so I’m gonna feed you with as much update as I can at the moment!

Accepted 3 jobs last week and almost fell sick. Not that I need allowance for food or anything, but the idea of extra shopping money is really tempting. My sore feet just healed themselves today. Probably gonna torture them on the dance floor a few days later.

This is how I look during work. Very heavy eye make up with compulsory fake lashes.


It was Asahi Robot Barman launch at Sunway Resort Hotel. I was supposed to attend as a guest but ended up working instead. Thank goodness my job scope did not include serving but merely ushering.

The No. 1 beer in Japan, which is now being freshly produced at Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia targeting the local market. I’ve tried it and I must say I really like the taste. But I guess men would opt for something stronger instead.


今天想投诉某个无聊又幼稚的人!吃饱太空闲每天在 Twitter 唱衰我。那双面人有时胡乱散播谣言,有时又能若无其事地私底下向我苦吐心声!天啊,你当我是白痴吗? 我对你生活中的一点一滴毫无兴趣,更不想当你的免费顾问!既然你觉得我不是好人,那又何必纠缠我不放?若想当我朋友,那就别一次又一次地说我是非啊!他的一举一动真是自相矛盾!在大众面前爱面子也不需损败我名誉吧?知人知面不知心,真后悔当初会认识这样恶劣的人! 在别人眼中他可能只是个和蔼亲切加上稍微疯狂的派对兄弟,但我已看透他的一切。他当初如何对我,之后所说的一切我都牢记在心。我生命中少了一个如此恶心的人都无所谓!靠。

越说就越气,不说了!明天去吃好的消消气!What else? Sushi Zanmai as usual! Hiak hiak. It’s been so long since I had sashimi! Okay fine, it’s only been slightly more than a week. But still, Japanese food is like my weekly ritual. Die die must eat XD


Worked at Genting on Saturday night. My sinful indulgence at Bakery. I’ve decided that from now on I would enter the casino solely for work purpose and nothing else! No risking my hard-earned cash on gambling!




Ending this post with a photo of my nude face. Those eye bags are really scary! O.O But actually they aren’t that obvious when I don’t smile! *defensive*


Some guys commented that they prefer me looking this way without make up. And that I look prettier like this! (???!) I don’t get it! Meh.

Anyone of you fancy buying a Longchamp bag? A friend of mine who travels often to Europe has imported almost the entire range of it including long handle, short handle vary in sizes and colours! Do check out if you're keen! Price is definitely cheaper than local retail! :)



benjaminvai said...

ei kate with no make up, look so cute wei.

Copykate said...

benjamin: cute?! HAHAHAHAHAHA 笑死我了XD

Unknown said...

wahh ! the foods.. so holiao!! best nyaa~!!^^

Copykate said...

eunice: yea, gotta treat myself to nice food once in a while. best part of life! ^^

Xue Ren said...

without makeup, you look kinda chubby there! =P

Koh Kian Fai said...

I think u need more 保养 on your face :X

没有请我吃 sushi :P

Copykate said...

xue ren: chubby?!!!!!?! omgosh NOOOOOOOOOOO! it's true though, my face appears a bit meaty some times. tskkkk

kian fai: are you saying that my face is in a bad condition now? *sobs* 你也没有请我啊!:P

MsTeenwitch said...

Ur eyes make up look nicer with falsies, like it.... LOL

Copykate said...

charlene: thanks! but i don't use it usually unless when i work. too lazy T_T