Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures, 60 female Nuffnangers with their guests will be able to catch Going the Distance a day before its official release date in Malaysia! So awesome of Nuffnang to have this contest opened for only female! Teehee. More info here.


Just as portrayed by Garrett and Erin, the love between my other half and I has never succumbed to the distance that separates us. Though we’re far apart, our love grows stronger each day and our hearts connect by the power of love.

Thank you b, you totally swept me off my feet and made me fell deeply in love.

There is one particular place that holds significance for us, as it was right there where we first met. Each time I go there, I would send you a text or MMS telling you how blessed I am to have found you. We never get tired of reminiscing the way we were brought together. It all started with a random question followed by a shocking answer, which then stirred up a mutual interest. Then things just started to fall into place.

I will buy you a gift occasionally when I go shopping. Nothing beats seeing the smile on your face when you unwrap my present. Even if it’s just a little pink teddy bear (which I bought because I like it, not because I thought you would like it XD), you would thank me for being so thoughtful and tell me how cute the teddy is.


I’m willing to give you half of my rice when we eat chap fan, knowing that your own portion is never enough! Teehee. You’re a totally sucker for rice. I love you because you are not fat for someone who can eat up to 18 bowls of rice in one meal!

When you’re back, I’m willing to spend every single day with you before you fly off and leave me behind again. I can live by seeing you all the time and never get tired. Life is so much happier and filled with laughter when you’re around.

Last but not least, I’m willing to follow you if you were to leave to a faraway place for good, even if it means having to abandon all that I have right here. I’m willing to go any distance with you, love!


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