Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Officially 20


Happy birthday to me!

Right now, I feel like a blessed 20-year-old child.

Thank you my ex-college A-Level’s classmates for celebrating with me at Craft Brew on Friday night. We’ll always remain “bitches and beasts” though college life is long over!

Thank you my hometown friends for attending my birthday dinner at El Cerdo on Saturday night. You guys are a bunch of great friends who have always been there all these years!

Thank you my current uni classmates who really surprised me today at Fullhouse after class. You were so thoughtful, even though I’ve only known you people for a month or so.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook. You guys really made my day!

Most important of all, thank you mummy for the pain you suffered 20 years ago!

Nothing can express my joy on this day, August the 24th. I’m really grateful to have all of you! =)


Hayley said...

Happy birthday!
Nice cake there! ^^

andrew said...

1 year more to get your key! XD
hapi birthday, kate ! have a blast! XD

Unknown said...

O.o you're only twenty??
i sudd feel so old. T__T

Copykate said...

hayley: thanks! my classmates really surprised me with the cake XD

andrew: thanks andrew! oh gosh i'm not ready to be an adult! lol

isabellmiao: yep! how old did you think i was? teehee

anwen chung said...

happy belaaaaated!! didn't know we're the same age! :D

Copykate said...

anwen: thanks dear! yesh you're as olddddddd as me. LOL