Friday, August 6, 2010

I Feel Poor

I stay at an apartment behind Sunway College which is of walking distance. The rental fee of the medium room is costing my dad a bomb, but this can’t be helped cause that’s the kind of price we have to pay for a decent apartment which is so near from the college. So far I’ve enjoyed my stay here, mostly due to the fact that the room is spacious enough for me to keep all my junks. Other than that, I’ve got two kind and friendly housemates from China (who will probably turn me more cheena on top of my already cheena look). “So that makes 3 China girls in the house!” my mum said -.-

Feeling proud as I haven’t missed a single class so far (apart from Malaysian Studies which doesn’t count). Back and forth from the uni requires a fair amount of walking. It might not be that far from my place, but the weight of my lecture notes has been causing me muscle ache! I don’t usually keep them in my bags, afraid that the handle might break. What for carry a bag then? To keep necessities like wallet, mirror, lip gloss, perfume, glasses, sanitizer, tissue paper, plaster, pad etc. And not forgetting my pencil case and calculator! With all these things kept in the bag, how to fit in my lecture notes???

Speaking of bag, there are quite a few girls from my course who are using Longchamp. The other day when B asked what I think about Longchamp, “Why are you asking me about Longchamp? I have one but you said it looks auntie! Now you’re interested in auntie bag?” He said he might ask his friend to get me one from UK since my birthday is coming, but I said no since I’ve already got one (the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with long handle. Short handle really hurts my wrist). I then jokingly said I want Burberry instead. Very 得寸进尺 right! Later end up with nothing, not even the cheapest Longchamp. HAHA.

Don’t even dream about Burberry, cause his response was “What’s Blueberry?”
Oh well, the jam you sapu on your bread -.-

Having a tight budget this month, so I don’t think I’ll celebrate my 20th birthday after all =( Celebrated my birthday every single year, but now that I’m stepping into my twenties, it’s probably not a happy fact to celebrate huh? I should just stay home and sulk hoping that I can remain 19. No celebration=no present. *sad* I love the feeling of unwrapping birthday gifts. Nothing beats the joy of revealing those boxes of mystery. It’s a good idea to have a house party at home again, but I feel a little ashamed to have dad paying for my celebration, especially after all the money he has spent recently for my uni expenses. Today B offered to sponsor for my birthday though he won’t be here to celebrate for me. I rejected the offer though. Idk why?? LOL.

Enough about my boring life. Here are some happy party photos.



The best club in KL! XD



It was my second time to Phuture. Thanks to Jesse who brought us in.



No party this week, cause I've got assignment to rush! And the same for next week! O.o


Jackie said...

LOL i nv had a birthday party b4..*jealous* T_T

Copykate said...

jackie: organize one then! teehee